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when practicing law, I was always mildly amused by phrases like:

> in legal writing, people do [thing]

That is meant to contrast "legal writing" with "other writing", but a part of me always read it as contrasting "legal writing" with "illegal writing".

These days, the same part of me is mildly amused every time I read a phrase like

> In functional languages, people do $THING

I found this Google Drive link on Reddit which has all the books (more than 1000) which Springer has recently made free:

I then created a shortcut to this shared folder in my Drive and ran this script in Google Colab to copy all the iles:

I wonder if there is a correlation between the side someone takes in "tabs vs. spaces" and the side they take in "dynamic linking vs. static linking." The results of the following poll ought to give some answer. Boost if you're curious to get an accurate answer.

Which pair of sides are you on? If you don't feel strongly about one of the wars, just go with what you're leaning toward.

Bummer. Went to install Clear Linux OS on an old laptop, and it crashes during boot because the processor is older and doesn't support newer parts of the x86_64 instruction set. 😢

Every time I look at Arduino and Arduino-clone hardware, I feel overwhelmed by all the choices.

Me: I'm having a hard time keeping up with all these podcasts, I should pare down this list
Also Me: This looks interesting... *adds new podcast to the list*

In hindsight, it was probably a mistake to create a Keybase account. At least it wasn't all that hard to delete my account.

Sigh. Stumbled over a podcast that looks interesting, but it's hosted on SoundCloud so it doesn't work with my podcatcher.

I am looking for funny commands for more fun in the . Do you have any recommendations?

I know:
sl - run a train in the terminal
cmatrix - Matrix style terminal
aafire - fire with the ascii art
toilet - transforms text 2 ascii
cowsay - cow says something
pacat /dev/urandom - please turn down speakers first
espeak - listen to the output of your scripts
banner - for banners

Know more? Do you know any games that can be played in terminal? Boosts appreciated.😀

So, Fedora is far and away my favorite Linux distribution but it seems to be a lousy base for building containers.

Waiting to see how many tone-deaf tech companies run a joke on their website tomorrow, April 1. Bonus points if the joke is COVID-19 related.

I think this will be my last round of Folding@Home contributions. While I have CPU cycles to spare, the GPU workloads make my primary computer unusable and that seems to be all that's available. The other computers I'm running are just wasting electricity siting idle.

Well that's frustrating. Amazon is delaying shipping an order in favor of shipping more essential items to others, and they won't let me cancel. I'm all for making food, medicine, and other important items a priority, but don't hold my order hostage.

Seems like there are only GPU workloads available from Folding@Home. Too bad the client won't recognize this old Quadro without the (long unsupported) proprietary Nvidia drivers.

Rueing the day I decided to implement Elastic search to store log data.

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