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Sigh. Convinced I should ignore any new AWS features for 1-2 years after launch to give them time to add the features that should have been included at launch.

Finally broke down and installed F-Droid on my phone. Now to try and find the apps I already use in their repository.

A short explanation on what went wrong with my blog upgrade and migration to a new host.

Editing took less time than I thought. Here is my guide on how I backup my @nextcloud instance. πŸ˜ƒ

Success! Finally finished moving my blog to Netlify and finished the DNS migration to AWS.

Beyond ready to be done with my blog migration, but still waiting on a domain transfer to complete. πŸ˜‘

And in other news, you can't create a CNAME record for an apex domain in AWS Route 53. 😑

Sigh, because nothing with computers is ever easy, my new blog won't load its stylesheets after being uploaded to my hosting provider.

Excited to have completed my blog upgrade project. Replaced my old, janky, static blog site with a hacked in separate home page with an updated static site that includes the home page and preserves all of my old paths.

Interesting take on why the recent spate of "source available" licensing is both bad for FLOSS and bad for business. Personally, I already disliked "open core" products, and I won't touch projects like ElasticSearch and CockroachDB that have abandoned true FLOSS licensing.

Wish there was a secure email hosting service out there with family-friendly pricing. I would love to dump Google, and I already have my own domain names, but all the services I've looked at are really expensive when you need 3-4 mailboxes.

This is an awesome set of ezines about distributed systems from a class (from @lindsey on birdsite)

Which do you do? Be honest.

Please boost :)

#Unix #Linux #FreeBSD

Still getting used to the larger 500 character limit on Mastodon. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ πŸ™„

I've had my Twitter account for 12 years now, so I'm somewhat reluctant to let it go, but it's become such a rolling dumpster fire that I really don't like using it anymore.

Trying to decide if I should keep my Twitter account and only follow FLOSS projects, or just give up and burn the account.

Still surprised more FLOSS projects aren't on Mastadon. Guess I can't completely quit Twitter after all. 😒

Now I'm glad I never had a chance to check out CockroachDB. Also why I'm very much against open core.

My project for this week. Finally got our square-foot garden assembled and planted. Looking forward to fresh vegetables in about 10 weeks.

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