@normandc When I started using it, I enjoyed looking at meal recipes, but now it seems like it's been taken over by content farms. I've seen the same recipe on multiple sites, each with a different story about where the recipe came from.

Started the countdown timer to permanent deletion on my Twitch account today. I think that leaves Mastodon, Pinterest and Linkedin as my remaining social accounts.

And I'm rapidly losing patience with Pinterest...

@sotolf The sense of entitlement is gross. Expecting an open source project to continue supporting CPU architectures that have been abandoned for over a decade is kind of ridiculous.

Is your Open Source Program Office just part of your corporate defences, or is it the community’s advocate inside your company as well?

Corporate open source maturity may be better evaluated by considering the actions of individuals and small groups statistically than the stated corporate strategy.


Choosing between licenses – even copyleft vs non-reciprocal – is less important than ensuring everyone has equal rights & responsibilities.


Well, this week's blog post is pretty short. Sadly, I didn't get to focus on doing much technical work.


@thewismit @joeligj12 Kind of like dokuwiki, minus the web app. I've never used mkdocs, but it looks nice. My only concern is it may become slow as my KB grows in size.

@thewismit @joeligj12 I want something I can have confidence will still be viable 10-20 years from now.

@thewismit @joeligj12 I'm keeping it simple. It's just a collection of markdown files in a git repo.

@joeligj12 I'm just trying to drive myself crazy flip-flopping on how to build my personal knowledge base.

Why, hello there. It's my good friend Analysis Paralysis.

@JosuGZ Yes, old versions are still licensed under the old license. The problems with ES start with a complete lack of security in the free version, and it goes downhill from there. Too many issues for me to attempt to enumerate here.

@JosuGZ Basically. They've switched to the SSPL, which is not a FOSS-compliant license.

Terminating all of our Elasticsearch clusters at work today, and boy does it feel good.

Reminder that GitLab is not your friend and "open core"/freemium/proprietary (re)licensing is inherently hostile to community.

Periodic reminder that the only reason anything stays published on the Web is that someone, somewhere, is spending the time and money to keep a server running. If you bookmark something, you might want to consider archiving it as well.

I think I'm on a three-week publishing streak with blog posts now. Hopefully I can keep up this pace.

This week in my weekly journal, I touch on my personal knowledge base, a little Terraform, and the Elasticsearch licensing fiasco.


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