Very useful tool for multiple ISOs on a USB stick

Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO files.

@daremo Nice. I've been using a bullet journal for about a year now. Though my "system", for lack of a better term, is a Frankenstein mix of bujo, GTD, and lean/kanban.

First lessons from zettelkasten 

@daremo I do all of my task management and daily note taking in a paper bullet journal. The zettelkasten is forcing me to review my notes each week, clean them up, and get them organized properly for future reference.

First lessons from zettelkasten 

@daremo I'm sticking with the electronic version, but this time I'm simplifying things. I've got a Markdown files, a text editor, and a git repository. I want the ability to search, and I really like the ability to hyperlink notes together.

First lessons from zettelkasten 

@daremo So, I've created things similar to a zettelkasten in the past. (My previous version is a OneNote notebook.) I'm definitely seeing advantages to the organization system and the ability to link concepts together.

First lessons from zettelkasten 

@daremo My understanding of the system is you create sub-notes for the elaboration. If you have a topic A, with ID 100000, when you want to add to it you create a new note A' with ID 100000a (or something similar) to keep them grouped together. Instead of rewriting, and the domino effect that comes with it, you treat the system as append-only.

@daremo I'm interested how it works out for you. I recently started one myself. I opted for a git repo full of interlinked Markdown files. I figure that's reasonably future proof. I do use a paper journal for my daily notetaking and task management though.

I wrote a short article about weird corner cases I've encountered with Jenkins pipelines and Groovy.

@cooper Pardon the non-FOSS nature of this one.

I was really feeling down in the dumps until I installed my new Office upgrade. It really improved my Outlook.

@cooper A QA tester walks into a bar and orders a beer, 2 beers, 10 beers, 4,294,967,295 beers, 0 beers, -1 beers, a pet bunny, asdfqwerty.

@cooper I was going to tell a UDP joke, but I was afraid you wouldn't get it.

@kev Thanks for that. I've been contemplating setting up a home server with Nextcloud and this gives me some additional data points to consider.

TIL about GNvim, a "Neovim GUI aiming for rich code editing experience without any unnecessary web bloat"

when practicing law, I was always mildly amused by phrases like:

> in legal writing, people do [thing]

That is meant to contrast "legal writing" with "other writing", but a part of me always read it as contrasting "legal writing" with "illegal writing".

These days, the same part of me is mildly amused every time I read a phrase like

> In functional languages, people do $THING

@sir If keeping it to the past 3-4 years, I would go with:
Into the Breach
Hollow Knight

I found this Google Drive link on Reddit which has all the books (more than 1000) which Springer has recently made free:

I then created a shortcut to this shared folder in my Drive and ran this script in Google Colab to copy all the iles:

I wonder if there is a correlation between the side someone takes in "tabs vs. spaces" and the side they take in "dynamic linking vs. static linking." The results of the following poll ought to give some answer. Boost if you're curious to get an accurate answer.

Which pair of sides are you on? If you don't feel strongly about one of the wars, just go with what you're leaning toward.

@Citizenzibb I was interested in it's container-first approach. I've used Silverblue/Atomic Host a bit and was interested in checking out a similar distribution. I'll stick with Silverblue the time being.

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