Why, hello there. It's my good friend Analysis Paralysis.

@joeligj12 I'm just trying to drive myself crazy flip-flopping on how to build my personal knowledge base.

@sbanwart @joeligj12 ooh I've been thinking about doing this too! But I can barely bring myself to blog and I don't know if a personal KB would end up any better!

So what are your top contenders for the platform?

@thewismit @joeligj12 I'm keeping it simple. It's just a collection of markdown files in a git repo.

@thewismit @joeligj12 I want something I can have confidence will still be viable 10-20 years from now.

@thewismit @joeligj12 Kind of like dokuwiki, minus the web app. I've never used mkdocs, but it looks nice. My only concern is it may become slow as my KB grows in size.

@sbanwart @thewismit I actually have this .docx file with dozens of songs and chords that I am turning into many .md files xD

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