After a bit of waffling, I decided to stick with Firefox on my home laptop for the time being. I don't use a ton on web apps at home, and the few I do use seem to work fine. For work I've switched to Brave due to the web apps that are painful to use with Firefox.

I'm not interested in alternative browsers like qutebrowser since they can't do everything. Hopefully Firefox gets its act together and builds a competitive browser again.

@sbanwart, since I recently switched from Firefox to qutebrowser, I am curious what features you would miss.

@IslandUsurper I've seen reports of sites like YouTube and other video sites not working properly, along with certain web apps. From what I've seen, most qutebrowser users have a backup browser.

@sbanwart, huh. Honestly, qutebrowser has been more reliable than Firefox for web apps in my experience. They both handle YT fine. The trickiest thing is remembering to turn in insert mode when an input is automatically focused when a page loads. If you click it, you’re in insert mode, so the cues can be inconsistent.

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