Ugh. Been trying to stick with Firefox instead of using a Chrome-based browser, but I used some of my work tools from Brave today and the performance difference is downright jarring.

@sbanwart I'm using Brave more and more myself and I consider myself to be a pretty stingy holdout too, but I'll be damned if Firefox isn't just declining in front of us. 😞

@sbanwart Awful isn't it? It's like half the speed anymore. Some sites are so particularly bad that the animations are unusable on non-Chrome browsers...

@sbanwart in the same boat. Firefox has a few quirks here and there that really press my buttons and make me consider going back to Chromium...

@sbanwart try a new profile in Firefox and see if that helps. Otherwise, Brave or Ungoogled Chromium are probably good alternatives

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