That's neat. Got my email announcing the death of Google Play Music. While they do migrate your purchased music to YouTube Music, you won't be able to download the music ever again outside of the app.


Definitely won't purchase any media from Google ever again. Effectively they have become Microsoft, where they launch a service where you purchase media and then pull the rug out from under you when it doesn't make as much money as they would like.

Incidentally, I would think twice about using their cloud platform for the same reason. You never know when they are going to retire a service you depend on, up to and including the entirety of Google Cloud Platform.

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@sbanwart Yeah, Google can make whatever they want, but I would never depend on it for anything. They kill products out of nowhere and for no reason.

@sbanwart And this is why I built my home server. It runs everything that I used Google/Dropbox/Evernote/etc for and then some. details my build and services. I now only use Google/Dropbox/OneDrive as secondary offsite storage of documents that are on my server.

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