A couple of observations now that I've been using my zettelkasten for a few weeks:

1. This system is definitely tailored towards writing. I'll probably be making some adjustments to make it more useful as a more general knowledge base
2. Having a directory of files with numeric names is not easy to navigate

@sbanwart My Zettel IDs simply something like "Short Title 2020-08-11". This is great because I can really use any program to build and view my Zettelkasten, the titles are unique and easy to search for, and links are human-readable.

It's all organized around a daily log - "Log Tuesday 2020-08-11" links back to "Log Monday 2020-08-10" and every Zettel I create is always linked to that day's log. So I have recipes, journal entries, links to articles... _everything_ all in one Zettlekasten.

@pcrock Neat. I've been using a timestamp to name each file, which makes them less easy to find visually in my editor. I've been using grep tools to locate specific files when I need them. Still debating on if I want to change the filenames to something more human-readable.

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