Bummer. Went to install Clear Linux OS on an old laptop, and it crashes during boot because the processor is older and doesn't support newer parts of the x86_64 instruction set. 😢

@sbanwart I have used clear linux before, and found it took very long to update and seemed to use only flatpak packages. On an intel machine, it seemed quite snappy.

@Citizenzibb I was interested in it's container-first approach. I've used Silverblue/Atomic Host a bit and was interested in checking out a similar distribution. I'll stick with Silverblue the time being.

@sbanwart I'm not sure which offers more packages, but clear was purposely developed to be optimized for intel machines. I did find it stable and fast, but agonizingly slow to update. Don't let anything discourage you from trying it. It may be what you are looking for.

Fedora is a very solid and very polished option that may offer you more flexibility than clear can.

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