I've been waffling over deleting my Pinterest account for several months now, and today I finally pulled the trigger.

Feels good to remove Google Pay from my mobile device. I only used it for loyalty cards, and I found a lovely replacement, Catima, that is available on @fdroidorg.


In my opinion, the SolarWinds CEO is a coward, and runs a weak organization. Blaming an intern is about the lamest thing ever, unless said intern was engaging in intentional malfeasance.


Started the countdown timer to permanent deletion on my Twitch account today. I think that leaves Mastodon, Pinterest and Linkedin as my remaining social accounts.

And I'm rapidly losing patience with Pinterest...

Is your Open Source Program Office just part of your corporate defences, or is it the community’s advocate inside your company as well?

Corporate open source maturity may be better evaluated by considering the actions of individuals and small groups statistically than the stated corporate strategy.


Choosing between licenses – even copyleft vs non-reciprocal – is less important than ensuring everyone has equal rights & responsibilities.


Well, this week's blog post is pretty short. Sadly, I didn't get to focus on doing much technical work.


Why, hello there. It's my good friend Analysis Paralysis.

Terminating all of our Elasticsearch clusters at work today, and boy does it feel good.

Reminder that GitLab is not your friend and "open core"/freemium/proprietary (re)licensing is inherently hostile to community.

Periodic reminder that the only reason anything stays published on the Web is that someone, somewhere, is spending the time and money to keep a server running. If you bookmark something, you might want to consider archiving it as well.

I think I'm on a three-week publishing streak with blog posts now. Hopefully I can keep up this pace.

This week in my weekly journal, I touch on my personal knowledge base, a little Terraform, and the Elasticsearch licensing fiasco.


Here's a taste of what can happen to businesses who put all their tech eggs in one proprietary corporate basket: arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/0 Moral of the story: don't do it.

The year of the Linux desktop has come and gone (I think it was around 2014) and we have missed it because we assumed it meant Microsoft losing. Sadly, it probably means we also have failed to gain the freedoms we sought.


These past few weeks it sure seems like 2021 took a look at 2020 and said, "Hold my beer.".

While I'm not doing the full thing, I am trying to be a bit more diligent in updating my blog this year. To that end, I'm working on writing a weekly review of interesting things I work on.


The coming wave of digital regulation may claim to target “Big Tech” but will inevitably end up harming citizen-innovators most because regulators have forgotten to include them in their process.


(My input to Open Forum Europe's pre-
@fosdem #EUOpenSource)

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