Went ahead and pulled the trigger. In 14 days, my Discord account will be no more.

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Hmm. Sitting here thinking about deleting my Discord account. I haven't logged into it in months, and I don't think I actually care all that much about the "communities" I'm currently subscribed to.

Feeling like you shouldn't call it a blog if it doesn't have an RSS/ATOM feed.

Is it just me, or are most community Slack instances a place where messages go to die? Most of the ones I belong to involve new people asking questions and nobody answering them. Very little interaction among members.

An update to my dial-up ISP project. I got a two node modem pool working a PCI card to add more serial ports. Instead of my Verizon line, I patched these modems into my PBX running asterisk with a Grandstream ATA with 4 internal lines. The PBX takes incoming calls from a new voip.ms number and uses a basic hunt group to connect to caller to the next free line.

Got a dialup modem? Feel free to give a call and let me know what OS you are using, how it goes. Details at dialup.world

Nothing grinds my gears more than someone asking for after-hours help, and then ghosting me at the scheduled time.

Thinking it may be time to go through my RSS and podcast feeds and remove some dead weight. If I find myself hitting the "mark all as read" button on a number of feeds, then I might as well get rid if them.

Every time I see a mention about the latest dust-up on Twitter, it reinforces the idea that I did the right thing when I closed my account a few years ago.

The project is celebrating its first anniversary today 🎉 thanks to all for your support!

Annoyed that VS Code doesn't see my shell aliases when inside the editor. I have a number of tools in containers that I would like to use when I'm writing code, but I need the aliases to mimic the tool commands.

Know the difference:

- a GUID (Globally Unique ID) is only unique for items on this planet
- a UUID (Universally Unique ID) should cover you anywhere terrestrial or extra-terrestrial

Well, I discovered this morning that KDE on Wayland is a bad time, but overall my switch to KDE has been going well so far.

The presence of a copyright assignment requirement in a commercially-backed project is almost certain to mean someone doesn't want to be subject the terms everyone else must abide by. They and their sham freedoms should no longer be tolerated.


After 20+ years of running Linux, it's slightly depressing that many of the same problems from the early days (power management, multi-monitor setups, laptop docking, etc.) are still problems today. Sigh.

Thinking about installing KDE in Fedora 34. GNOME 40 is painful to use without Dash to Panel, and KDE is the other desktop where things mostly just work.

I really hate how modern Lego sets cube with a hundred tiny stickers. Not only are they a pain to apply, but they reduce the ability to reuse those pieces when building an original model.

Nothing like having an AWS availability zone catch on fire to add some excitement to your day. (Probably not literally on fire)

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