I think this will be my last round of Folding@Home contributions. While I have CPU cycles to spare, the GPU workloads make my primary computer unusable and that seems to be all that's available. The other computers I'm running are just wasting electricity siting idle.

Well that's frustrating. Amazon is delaying shipping an order in favor of shipping more essential items to others, and they won't let me cancel. I'm all for making food, medicine, and other important items a priority, but don't hold my order hostage.

Seems like there are only GPU workloads available from Folding@Home. Too bad the client won't recognize this old Quadro without the (long unsupported) proprietary Nvidia drivers.

Rueing the day I decided to implement Elastic search to store log data.

I favor proprietary software over open core. At least they're honest about their intentions.

Looking for a #remote #job in #python and #django? It would be part time, some 20 hours a week, you set your own hours.

Message me for details if interested.

Being reminded that package/dependency management is a rolling dumpster fire regardless of what operating system you use.

If you would have told me five years ago I would be sitting here reading management books, I wouldn't have believed it. 🤷‍♂️

Every time I browse the federated timeline, I end up blocking a handful of domains.

: weechat (IRC/Matrix), Newsboat (RSS), Firefox Nightly, Podboat (podcasts).

My takeaway from the actix controversy is that Reddit is pure, unadulterated garbage.

On the plus side, in spite of my issues with git submodules, I've replaced Google Analytics on my personal blog with something more privacy focused and tracker free.

Getting my periodic reminder that git submodules, while useful in some situations, are a pain in the butt to manage.

Just did a 'sudo apt autoremove' that deleted 62MB of stuff. I remember when that would have represented half of my hard drive.

Took my first look at Owncloud and NextCloud.

So... Both look nice.

So why would one choose one over the other?

Is this going to be a Firefox / Iceweasel thing?

Contemplating switching to GNOME Desktop. I like XFCE better, but GNOME seems like the path of least resistance for having stuff work. 🤔

Taking a short break to play with my new toy, a Circuit Playground Express from Adafruit.

Going through my RSS feeds looking to prune any blogs/sites that have lost interest in, or that have stopped posting new articles.

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