I wish more developers had at least a
rudimentary understanding of TCP/IP networking.

#Chia is already making HDD prices go up.
Cryptocurrencies are cancer that's eating upbresources - all for a few people to get rich.
The HDD prices are highest they've been in the past half a year. This is not the pandemic, this is crypto. First GPUs, now HDDs.
People are buying petabytes of storage to hold useless noise in order to get Chia.
Which in 100+ days will yield 1 Chia (currently ~1 USD) per 1 TB of given up pool storage.
#crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptocancer

There’s some real irony in spelling 'phonetically' with a ‘ph’ and not an 'f’.

Specifically, if it now will remember my monitor placement instead of making me reconfigure every time I unplug my laptop from the dock.

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Now that Fedora 34 has been released, I'll get to find out if is good enough to be my daily driver again. 🤞

Amazed at the number of inconsiderate jerks who have parked in the handicap spot. They've all managed to park sideways blocking the van access section.

That moment when it would have been faster to stand in line and order instead of ordering online.

Wish I could justify ordering a Pine Book Pro.

A draft scorecard for determining if a software project is open as bait for a business pivot or genuinely keeping your freedoms protected.


This week I made some time to play around with some programming tools for and . I'm going to be adding asdf, pre-commit, and gitlint to my toolbox for future projects.


📦 Just released: 🌟 Glow v1.4.0

This release contains a few small, helpful features as well as some bug fixes.

For details, see the release notes:


I've been waffling over deleting my Pinterest account for several months now, and today I finally pulled the trigger.

Feels good to remove Google Pay from my mobile device. I only used it for loyalty cards, and I found a lovely replacement, Catima, that is available on @fdroidorg.


In my opinion, the SolarWinds CEO is a coward, and runs a weak organization. Blaming an intern is about the lamest thing ever, unless said intern was engaging in intentional malfeasance.


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