@satur also Manyverse but not enough peopleuse that.

@satur I'm not a PR pro so maybe someone can educate me on why one of the most hated companies in existence thought renaming itself and including the word "averse" was a good idea...

@encarsia @satur it has probably been in the works for quite some time, but right now they are looking for anything in their toolkit to get a more positive news cycle. Not saying I'm happy about it, but that's just what it is. As far as metaverse, I say no. They don't need more power and influence. This is why I'm so vehemently against big tech or any number of companies, really, run by megalomaniacs.

@satur imagine a metaverse with FB levels of censorship and deplatforming.

@satur the metaverse sounds like a place were everyone hiveminds and smart opinions are censored

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