One may agree that writing instances of a class as attributes does not make your code smaller.

It's Saturday of . I was on my 3rd cup of kvass and doing a lot in Atom just to looks pedantic but discovered there's 1.2% alcohol 😆🍻

Quem acha que a esquerda oba-oba vai se solidarizar com o senador que levou tiro usando uma retroescavadeira pra desobstruir acesso ao quartel tomado por milicianos?

**China's Xi says to fix problems exposed during coronavirus outbreak: state TV**

"Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday the ruling Communist Party must fix various problems, loopholes and weaknesses exposed during the current outbreak of the coronavirus, state televisio…"

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: « , , and are joining forces to create a platform for outside China to upload onto all of their simultaneously, in a move […] to challenge the dominance of 's Play »

No sci-hub? go to, zoom in, print screen half a page, join them in inkscape, print and enjoy. Please inform me smt smart.

Lenin: The philosophy of the anarchists is bourgeois philosophy turned inside out. Their individualistic theories and their individualistic ideal are the very opposite of socialism. Their views express, not the future of bourgeois society, which is striding with irresistible force towards the socialisation of labour, but the present and even the past of that society, the domination of blind chance over the scattered and isolated ...

History time: LibreOffice is a successor to OpenOffice(.org) and StarOffice before that! We have new major releases every six months, bringing important new features, security updates and compatibility improvements.

I missed the part where looping through key values ​​is the default in a dictionary

So-called 'dark web' (misnomer) and the new #propaganda wave of #mudoch -controlled media like VICE they want us to adopt their centralised propaganda (censored/spied) "media"...

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