Switching Software is a beginner's guide to help people switch to privacy-friendly FOSS apps and federated services. You can follow at:

➡️ @switchingsoftware

The guide's website is at switching.software

Thes a git for the project at codeberg.org/swiso/website

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Battery usage of two video players.
The only drawback of mpv (for me) is I can't resize video.

:fdroid: mpv is available on repo

This is not a hollywood movie thing. I found this on the backside of a bill. Do you guys have any idea about this?

✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects

Fediverse-Action - post to Fediverse when code on GitHub is changed
YouTube 2 PeerTube - mirror YouTube channels to #PeerTube
gemifedi - Gemini frontend to Fediverse
BirdSiteLIVE - Twitter to ActivityPub bridge
ligh7hau5 - Matrix to Fediverse client / bridge
tootgroup.py - Emulate group accounts on #Mastodon
yt2pt - Set of scripts to quickly import your YouTube channel to PeerTube
corpus-activity-streams - Activity Streams 2.0 vocabulary data and alternative docs

For all tools visit:
- fediverse.party/en/tools
- git.feneas.org/feneas/fedivers…

Friendship ended with browser. Now browser is my best friend.

But not many add-ons are supported as iceraven. It is a further debloated and hardened(with arkenfox user.js and Tor up-lift) fenix browser.

It is developed by Divested Computing Group. Does anyone know about them?

:fdroid: :firefoxnew:

This is a daily reminder that you can redirect these websites to healthier places.

Twitter -> Nitter
YouTube -> Invidious
Instagram -> Biblogram
Google Maps -> OpenStreetMap
Reddit -> Libreddit

is a fork of .

yt-dlp is an improved fork of yt-dlc ( community) adding several features. yt-dlp improves support for configuration files, adding output templates and portable conf files. yt-dlp brings more extractors (and quick testing of new extractors), as well as support for using Aria2c as the downloader.

Website 🔗️: github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp

uBlock origins unblock rules for both and are outdated. Is there any updated rules?

I thought IceRaven browser contain no trackers. But there are even google trackers. I do not use ad/trackers blocklist. So, is it ok to use apps with google trackers?
(Anyways there are neither GApps nor MicroG installed on my phone)

Oh wow, Iceraven Browser is epic!
Even better than Firefox

If you are looking for apps on :android: have a look at Fossdroid. Their aim is to promote free and apps: the newest, the trendiest and the most popular ones.🔔📈🔥

If you like one, grab it from :fdroid:


fingerprintjs.com/demo/ can not f**k with my mobile :androidalt: :firefoxnew: firefox setup (Actually it is IceRaven from github.com/fork-maintainers/ic ) with git.nixnet.xyz/Narsil/mobile_u

I got different fingerprints even without restarting the browser.

Google has removed client Element.io from the Play store. People, its time to yet again! Praise :fdroid:

@IzzyOnDroid Can you please add IceRaven (a firefox fork) to your repo

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