I'm actually kinda devaststed by not the actual time but my inability to squeeze my tasks between 7 A.M to 11 P.M. :blobcatsadlife:

Here we go again. Again trying to be tough and do the right things even if it means not doing other right things. There is too much right things lately, I suppose.

OK. Having done that work I can assume that until weekend I can go to sleep at any time without dread of deadline coming. Small success. 🕺

It turned out that I not repeated my thursday "stunt". In fact, I'm still looking for good time to do latest assignment.
#155 - 11 P.M. (23.00)
#156 - 11:15 P.M. (23.15)

Gotta do it again tomorrow... but in shorter time.

Another day without good progress on things. At least I've selected gift for wife.

It's kinda funny. It seems to me that more "exotic" web browsers (anything besides Chrome and Firefox?) are generally better than mainstream but easier to fingerprint.

I hope I'm not on my way back to regular late night end of days.
#150 2:00 A.M.
#149 11:00 P.M.

If Signal is that secure why it need to sit on smartpone?
(I don't have one [by today standards] and this requirement annoys/bothers me)

Another phase of "Sleep no matter what". Probably until some very urgent tasks kick in.

Removed part of encrypted files on NAS. It's going slower than expected.

I'm kinda puzzled by random people who favourite my struggle toots. It's nice and supporting but at the same time weird because they probably don't know if I'm getting any better or not (unless it's clear from my reaction, I guess).

Also... I'm on my way to bed for 3 hours of sleep. I guess it's straight way to destroy my life.

I'm in disbelief after QNAP NAS was infected with ransomware. And there is nothing in QTS showing any intrusion, ransom encrypted files are created by long time disabled admin user... what a mess 👎

Funnt thing. Just yesterday I've realised that everybody on mastodon use their own timezone. And without knowing other people timezone nobodyy can say if it's late or not for other people. I don't know why I thought it's the other way 🤪 (2:29 AM CEST here, BTW)

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