"So, ladies and gentlemen, the Linux Foundation 2020 annual report has been produced on a Mac. Running Adobe Creative Cloud on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7."


@hund As with a lot of "non-profit" organizations, I suspect their main purpose is very much to make money. Exploiting a market, easy to get corporate donors who want tax writeoffs, etc. Any benefit they provide to open source is purely coincidental.

@warpgate9 @hund The Linux Foundation is a 501(c)6 organization in the US. Unlike 501(c)3 charitable organization (e.g. Software Freedom Conservancy), 501(c)6 organizations are run for the benefit of the businesses that share a common interest. The foundation's main purpose is to allow businesses to coordinate and reduce costs around things they'd rather not compete on. So that is the core of the Linux Foundation as an organization. So yeah, set expectations accordingly. :/


@cstanhope @warpgate9 @hund What are the Linux Foundation responsibilites and why should I as a linux user care?

@samurro @cstanhope @warpgate9 They pay the salary for Linus Thorvalds. And you should not care, you should't spend anything on unetchical companies like the Linux Foundation.

@samurro As a Linux user, I care in so much as it is good to understand how some of the work that goes into the kernel and some related projects are supported and who is contributing and why. Regarding their responsibilities, I'd point you to their website and their tax filings (form 990).

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