I am kind of the technical guy in my family and friends surrounding. My biggest problem with helping people with their problems so far, is not having an easy way to get working.

Is there no easy solution for this problem? I looked into VNC through SSH tunneling in the past, but it looked complicated and relied on a dynamic dns setup, which is not free to my knowledge.

Appreciate any input or topics I should check out in this regard.

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Want to ditch Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive?

Use !

Syncthing is an open source file sync tool. No server required! All you need is two (or more) devices that you want to synchronize files between. Once connected you can add or remove devices and folders.

I use my phone as the "introducer". Anytime I want to add a new device I add it with my phone and all my other devices accept it and start to synchronize.


Day 7 -

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I was recently recommended tryhackme.com and I can confirm it's a brilliant site. I've been going down the #Kali rabbit hole recently and it's great to have a site like this with lots of interactive #elearning, a lot of which is free. I may even submit my own learning content someday.

#networking #tech #hacking #linux #security #pentesting

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@samurro this is their github, you can get APKs here until Pulse Music gets added to F-Droid (it should be soon) github.com/HardcodeCoder/Pulse

The repository that you should add if you want to download from F-Droid now (and a few other FOSS apps that aren't on F-Droid yet) is this one apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/

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@samurro I am using 'Simple Music Player' (orange Logo). Does the job for me.

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Anybody knows a reliable way to automount usb devices on Artix Linux? I just want to connect my old phone so I can transfer some files.

I use dbus-launch with thunar as a daemon, but it sometimes works and sometimes not.


#artix #linux #automount #usb #problem

Just installed my first phone with a non-default OS, . Still trying to figure out if there is any decent player from or if I really might need the Aurorastore.

No more tinder, sigh.... :D

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@samurro Ah yes sorry I should have mentioned that πŸ˜€. I realized that most people got very confused as to how to send and receive files after a while. Like where am I copying this or that. This method with the folder naming makes it super easy.
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@samurro I use it for many years now. I sync my phone media with my laptop and it feels instantaneous. I also sync folders with all of my friends, and sharing any content with them is a matter of copy-paste the content in their folders. I made a main folder called SYNC on my computer. Inside that I added a folder for all of my friends like: Georgi, Dima, Sasha, etc. And inside their folders are 2 folders: Send and Receive. That's all. And they do the same. If I want to share stuff with Sasha, I copy paste files into the SYNC/Sasha/Send. So easy πŸ˜€

I am also using it to backup my files to a remote computer since syncthing has file versioning.

All in all is such an amazing tool. That's why I made it default in our TROMjaro OS πŸ˜€

In regards to sharing config files between computers, instead of github, can I not just ? Ofc I have no versioning and what not but....wayne?

Jeeez is astonishing. I just shared a file between my desktop and my phone.
I feel like the possibilities are endless. Why is anybody still using a ?

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Independent security audit performed on our infrastructure, we are now audited on both the infrastructure and the app!

Cure53s statement: β€œβ€¦as expected Cure53 were not able to discover any Personally Identifiable Information attached to Mullvads end-users.”


#vpn #privacy #audit

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@samurro My main pdf processor is which is just wonderful.
It is a library written in whcih comes with a cli and I was able to replace most of my scripts with it.
Extracting, splitting, converting, rotating, putting watermarks etc. can all be done with it and I am always surprised how few people know it πŸ˜„

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@samurro It's pretty common to include scripting languages into programs for sand boxed customization. Games often use "Lua" for embedding, or even C#. Python can be used stand alone and embedded. Most prominently web browsers embed a scripting language called JavaScript for controlling web sites πŸ˜ƒ For some extra confusion: C compilers are often implemented in C πŸ˜‰

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@hund I'm confused. Signal uses GPLv3 and AGPLv3, which makes it free or libre per definition by the FSF.
What ist your definition of "libre"?

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@hund "Signal ... non-free"
How so? You can get the source on GitHub (github.com/signalapp), it's developed by a non-profit organisation (Signal Foundation) that was expressedly founded with purpose "to develop open-source privacy technology..."
While not decentralized it provides proven E2EE and ease of use even for non-tech folks.

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