This was the Chrombook of my mother. An ASUS CB5-311 with an ARM CPU. This thing is pretty fast and can be used for 12 hours straight on one charge. But Google decided to EOL it and not release updates anymore.
I'd like to not throw it away. What options are left? Chromium OS builds seem to be tricky, because of the ARM CPU. Is there a way to install a "normal" Linux? I mean a proper installation not chrooted with crouton.


@brejoc try knoppix. It will run perfect thru DVD/Usb. Install it as per preference.

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@samkupar Are you sure about this? This is not exactly a normal PC.

@brejoc knoppix is a free download. Very fast hardware identification and booting. As I remember it had German /English options. Had it as my first choice for any old PC/laptop. Hope it works for your machine too.

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