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Interesting. Neural Networks are being used to predict for power demand prediction.

A method with roots in AI uncovers how humans make choices in groups and social media

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Telegram Founder Says Users Should “Delete WhatsApp”

How good is this? Any open source alternative?
The important online security tool you need to start using now

What’s the best alternative to this app in open source? The One App That KILLS Your iPhone Battery Life — Even When You're Not Using It!

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Remember that some instances are ontopic instances like fosstodon here.

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Today is Remembrance Sunday here in the UK. It’s similar to the American veteran’s day tomorrow. We use this to remember our troop from all conflicts and the sacrifices they have made, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice - giving their life.

To all my fellow veterans, let’s raise a beer.

Below is a group shot of my unit in Iraq, late 2006 (I’m stood on the far right). Other pic is me in Afghanistan the following year.

Hi. It would be better to have an inbuilt translator which can be set from all languages to one user defined language.
Can this be suggestion for improvement on this group/instance ? Thanks

Hi. Do we have a open source alternative to Visual Basic 2010 Express, installable on windows.
Kid Need to learn VB. Thanks


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