Started setting up an #XMPP server (#prosody #prosodyIM). Next steps: figure out/fix auto encryption in #dinoIM, allow attachments, store 1 week of message history. And for the later future: figure out audio/video calling? (From what I've read, we can do that without #SIP)


@zachdecook It took me a few attempts but I was able to get a Prosody server up and running. I tried to document my steps and configuration if you're interested:

The folks in the MUC room are quite helpful if you run into issues.

@samir the only trouble I've had so far is with sending attachments. Looks like you have #mod_http_file_share enabled (I'm not on trunk, but could use community #mod_http_upload for #XEP0363). I think this means the sysadmin could view any attachment? So I would want to wait for #XEP0454 in #prosody?

XEP-0454 is a client side XEP. Which makes sense... if it depended on server support then a malicious admin could just disable it if they wanted to read everyone's files 🙂

It just describes how the client can encrypt the data and share the decryption key with the contact - the actual upload is still XEP-0363, it just means encrypted data is uploaded. The server doesn't care.

Hope this helps 🙂

@zachdecook If I recall correct, I too was originally using but was given the suggestion on the Prosody chatroom to try out http_file_share. So far, I haven't had any issues but it's rare that I share files on XMPP. And for my use case, trunk has been pretty stable.

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