Still catching my breath 8 hours after watching that dramatic end to the epic 2021 season! As someone who is relatively new to the sport (a DtS newbie), I can sympathize with diehards who would have preferred a more “by the book” judgment by the FIA, but wow! What a thrilling end to a roller coaster season. The circus will be back in action in Bahrain in 98 days! Can’t wait!

And finally, the last team poster, not only for the Alfa Romeo Racing team, but also for the epic 2021 season! This poster commemorates the final races of Antonio Giovinazzi, who is moving to Formula E next season, and Kimi “the Iceman” Räikkönen who, after 20 years and 21 Grand Prix victories, is hanging up his racing helmet for good after the

I am officially getting off the treadmill. Just finished Day 5 this evening. Will try to keep up as best I can. Hopefully can get through most of them by Valentines Day. Or maybe Easter!😂

Scuderia AlphaTauri team poster for the via their Twitter account. This one could almost go on a stamp!

Team posters for the final race of the 2021 season are dropping! Here's the one from the Scuderia Ferrari team for the by Valerio Befani.

Wow. What a race. 21 down and both Max and Lewis going into the final race in Abu Dhabi tied for the lead for the World Drivers Championship next week!

How do people have time to make all these cool visualizations of their solutions while I’m still here putzing around trying to get my code to compile?!?

"Tommy used to work on the docs" is the slogan of what is probably the most insane programming language I've encountered!

Solved Day 1 of the 2021 Advent of Code using This will be the only one I solve on the day it is published!

In learning a new programming language, I'm coming to the conclusion that knowing how to do things in that language isn't nearly as important as knowing the things that the language can do.

TIL: has pretty good tab completion for things like variable names. Just use <Ctrl>-N or <Ctrl>-P while in Insert mode. Works out of the box!

Trying to learning about Plain Old Documentation and using Modules in after spending time with Test::More. Am procrastinating on relearning References 🤯

Coming down to the wire as we head into the final two rounds of the season!

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