I think between walking to classes that have started going in person and going to play some ultimate frisbee with some friends yesterday, I've gotten more exercise this week than I've had in months😂

I'm absolutely loving this new icon for Firefox Nightly😂

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Gotta love when your Windows partition updates and turns secure boot back on in the bios, so you can't boot back into Linux without diving back into the bios to disable it😬

I'm officially tired enough that when my phone vibrated in my pocket I thought my laptop vibrated for a split second

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So, I accidentally deleted the Jekyll folder when switching distros, so today's post will be on SpaceHey.

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I actually might be starting to like Apple a bit now.


I just signed up for SpaceHey out of curiosity. I've always wanted to join MySpace or Facebook from the earlier days of the internet just to see what they were like, and now I get to experience it! Definitely would recommend!

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I moved back into the dorms a couple of days ago, and I finally finished unpacking everything and setting up my desk

Over the course of the past couple months, I've gotten a bunch of stickers I either ordered or got aa Christmas gifts. Now I have just finished plastering stickers EVERYWHERE

Does anyone know where I can find a server to host a Gemini site? I think it would be fun to make one, but I can't host my own server due to the limitations of my university's network

Mr. Robot Spoilers 

I just found this video, and I thought it was pretty cool. Kind of like a sendoff video of sorts for Mr. Robot. (I know the show ended over a year ago, but I still thought this was pretty cool)


I'm watching some old tech reviews as background noise and I completely forgot that phones back in the early 2010s had contract prices. So I was very confused at first when I saw the price of $199 in a Blackberry Z10 review.😂

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