I didn't know if posting this as or , but:
- Kitten wallpaper,
- Kitty terminal emulator,
- LOLCODE on toolbar,
for the win. :blobcat:

I just realized I'm using plain ALSA for audio. Sound in Firefox or moc plays pretty OK, I could make volume buttons in my keyboard work, and that's all I need. Humble software for humble needs I guess. :ablobcatfloofpat:

I accidentally discovered the existence of the esoteric programming languages (Whitespace, LOLCODE, Malbolge...) and it totally blew out my mind. Because being in the programming world is somewhat being in a world with this awesome genius too. :blobcatadorable:

Today, in "Sakkara's dumb solutions to non-existing problems":
So you can't switch colours on the fly on st; no configs in runtime because, y'know, suckless , yet there are patches for building st with Nord, Gruvbox, Solarized, plus terminal.sexy etc.
Build I did, but no install: it's all like, moving the binary to a local path, add that path to $PATH, chmod'ing, rename (as in "st-nord") the binary, and now automagically "switch" colorschemes launching that from dmenu.
I want my cookie.

Your Boring Of The Week™.
On display, dwm+st+vim. I didn't precisely riced the hell out of anything, but you know what they say: if it ain't broke, yours truly will "rice" something and get it obliterated. :ablobcatangel:

Vim users requested 

I just added vundle to my vim setup, opening the door to add more plugins maybe. So far I have delimitMate (special characters auto-close) and vim-closetag (XML tags auto-close). As I'm learning a bit of Python, JavaScript, SQL, XML, some basic stuff... Any more vim plugin recommendations? Thanks! :ablobcatrave:

"Some of the people I contacted suggest that [Reza Negarestani] must be a fictional invention of Hyperstition, a term loosely defined as fictional quantities that make themselves real." *Cyclonopedia*, by (the hyperstitional?) Reza Negarestani.

Today I'm giving me a break on writing Python hopeless disasters, and I'm reading this instead: linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php Because I'm never too late on learning new ways to totally screw up my computer. :ablobcatcoffee:

What can one do after a few hours butt-warming a chair & writing some crappy code? Run! Literally, for a few miles, and starting now. :ablobcatwave:

A great "getting started" guide to by @solene dataswamp.org/~solene/2021-05- I love the approach: as important as the "how to" is the "you won't be able to" (use steam, wine or most proprietary software, use a VM as you are used to, or have a smooth experience with NVidia cards...) Plus the Rosetta Stone of OpenBSD: read the man pages! :ablobcatcoffee: Very useful if you, as me, are starting with :openbsd:

One thing I'm learning in my baby steps in programming is that I must have something really messed up in my head. I mean, I'm solving programming challenges now and then. I think about it for a while, make mistakes and then pop!, the algorithm seems suddenly clear, the implementation is fine, but in a seemly simple step of the flux... It fails. So the hard part runs just fine, the simple step says "f**k you my dear". I smile and keep thinking/studying until is solved, but there it is. :_

<< (...) all they want to do is win bragging rights in a geeky hipster contest (“Yeah I run Plan 9, it’s pretty underground, you probably haven’t heard of it”) >>
J. Floren (2012): jfloren.net/b/2012/4/27/0
That "geeky hipster contest" is a party a wouldn't want to miss. :ablobcatcoffee:

So I found this yellow spiky little ball at home and my inner nerd automatically took control.

I liked the ksh shell in OpenBSD, so I checked Void Linux repos. We have:
- ksh (the "original" Korn shell from AT&T)
-mksh (from MirBSD)
-loksh (first OpenBSD port of ksh, explicitly for Linux)
-oksh (second OpenBSD port, available to a lot of other systems)
Much wow to try out, which I did. How was your day? :ablobcatcoffee:

I just upgraded :openbsd: 6.8->6.9, all fine. I have done some suggested cleaning, sourced ~/.kshrc in my ~/.xsession so st can use my ENV variables, alias, prompt and so on, added some xsetroot stuff for dwm background and toolbar, colorls for colored ls output, and I think that I can call it a day.

There are easier UNIX-y OSes, but as a learning platform which doesn't really hold your hand and **forces** you to RTFM I think is truly awesome. :ablobcathappypaws:

I'm spending my morning keeping on my Python track on exercism.io . I've somewhat solved 3 main exercises and just submitted the 4th, plus a side exercise and I'm now trying to figure out the second.

What have I learned so far:
- Python must be really easy and dumbproof if I have gone this far.
- I'm too stubborn to apply the "cheating is not an option, except when it is" paradigm.
- I'm dumb and stubborn, big news.
- I need a hug. :ablobcatattention:

I just did a second OpenBSD install in a VM, and I'm pretty amazed of how easy and straightforward the process is. A couple of road bumps, but awesome man pages & FAQ had me covered. OpenBSD has I believe a reputation of, say, no-noob-friendliness -to put it mildly-, but I'm a total help-i-nuked-my-system noob and here I am. :ablobcatangel: Now back to Python! :ablobcatcoffee:

I have a laptop that I don't use much. It has Arcolinux installed and today I booted it to do maintenance and some Gnome 40 test drive. But trackpad gestures with three fingers didn't work. Three fingers tap worked e. g. to open links in new tab w/ Firefox, but no Gnome gestures. (?) A web search with nothing useful, but finally I figured it out: switched lightdm for gdm and now is fine, so I share it here just in case. :ablobcatfloofpat:

I did a 25 questions Python test to check my progress.

Good news: I got a 100% correct answers score. :blobcatwavereverse:

Bad news: questions were as "difficult" as identify which one (with 4 options) is a tuple, the starting line of a 'for' loop or an 'if' statement, or filling the blanks for type conversion, basic functions and so on. :blobcatsweat:

But anyway I guess I'm now a first-steps-done newbie, or a total crappy, wannabe pro. :blobcatPats:

A very silly script I wrote with basic utilities to showcase my unblemished script-fu ineptitude. :blobcatadorable:

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