Oh well. One thing I don't have a clue mostly is networking stuff. So I tried to get the Internet connection from my phone to my laptop using the, uh, "hotspot" and iwd, no luck. The laptop device appears as connected in my phone, iwd lists the connection as done and duh, connected, but ping returns nothing. Maybe my networking card don't support that? As I said, I'm clueless. :(

It's about time I'm setting up a git repo. I'm starting with the usual personal dotfiles and basic system scripts, then I'm pushing solved coding exercises and stuff... I look forward for the day I can push something actually useful for other people, being that a simple pull request (hopefully) solving some bug, or some brand new app or script which could serve some purpose. I'm going with @codeberg because I've seen good things about them here on Fedi. :)

Why Java? 

OK, I'm starting to learn Java because I think I'll be doing that in my studies. Talking out of pure ignorance, but I don't like it much so far. The syntax is... Not the easiest, you have to build before execute, and even a program that prints some text or does some simple arithmetic operations... Well, it noticeably takes its time, unless the "slow" and "inefficient" Python (let's not talk C). So I'm guessing (as I said, I'm totally displaying my ignorance), why is it so popular? :O

Kind of a rant, bureaucracy 

Yesterday I did all the "paperwork" for an Associate Degree on Programming (I got admitted!). It was an online process because you know, COVID, so they sent us a PDF to fill in with our data. A non-editable PDF. So we have to print that on paper, fill it with a pen, scan the paper and send it back as a digital archive. I don't even have a printer, and most of all, I don't have the patience to just ignore how many things seem wrong to me in all of this. :(

Following some suggestions by you, the awesome Fedi crowd, on learning how to code, I have started learning some maths for programmers, so discrete maths, set theory, logic and so on, here we go. Maybe you don't *really* need maths for this, but I agree on the opinion that they may give you a somewhat deeper, better perspective on what we actually do when playing with code. And hey, it's actually interesting and, OK, a bit scary, but so far so good. :D

Today I've been using Gnome in my desktop computer. Totally vanilla Gnome 40 (Arch), no extensions (disabled, actually), Adwaita. At the end of the session I had forgotten that I was in a different environment. This is the best compliment I can give to any DE: "get out of the way and let me do actual stuff". :)

I got stuck on returning a dict which values are how many times a dictionary value appears inside a list of dictionaries. I have 5 possible values, so I could use 5 counters and iterate the list for each val, but there must be a simpler way I'm not seeing now. This is how it is: sometimes something seems difficult and I just nail it, and a minute later I just can't make sense of the "easy" parts. :ablobcatwave:

Asking for advice (learning to code) 

Since I started with Python, and once I went through some theory, I started solving problems (think Codewars; I'm actually there now). I'm getting slightly better at it, but now I get the feeling that I don't know if I'm really learning some real-life-useful stuff, or just giving me another excuse to have fun solving puzzless, logical games and so on. Is this a good way, really, to learn the basics? What should I do next? Your advice is much appreciated. :)

Today the lists came out... I got accepted for an Associate Degree in programming! It's in a public institution, but public education in my country is actually quite good and anyway it's the only option I can (barely) afford... I'm excited and willing to begin (not until September sadly), wish me luck! :D

I have read most of Philip K. Dick novels, and even in his most obscure and lesser known ones he always delivers. Let's settle this: I don't think he was a "science-fiction" writer (little, and not very plausible science), and not a very good writer (his formal aspects are... Debatable). He wrote, as in this piece, a sort of paranoid pop onto-theology (I'm sorry not sorry, Heidegger), and his style mattered way less than his, uh, Weltanschauung (sorry not sorry again). So yeah, he rules. <3

I'm solving Codewars "katas" now.
In one problem, I need 16 LOC to solve something where a clever one-liner suffices. The next one, I somewhat figure out the "clever" one-liner.
If I was a genius (spoiler: I'm not) but still being me, I would be of the very messy, unreliable, random kind. :ageblobcat:


There are not that many bands which I absolutely love *most* of their albums, first song to last on each. Alcest does that magic for me for *all* their albums. Because Neige actually is trying to express, literally, a magical world. And doing so is blending black metal and shoegazing (he's hailed as pioneering the "blackgaze" subgenre), with ambient, dream pop, post punk touches... And, oh, il chante en français, merci beaucoup. Here's a piece, I'll share more. <3 yewtu.be/watch?v=85c-P9hbmBg

I bought a low-endish phone like, 5 or 6 years ago, and I have been using it since then. It has cracks on the screen, the battery doesn't keep the charge as in its teens, but it's in perfect working condition: Nextcloud, Firefox, most F-Droid apps I have tried still work reasonably well, I just wish it was compatible with any FOSS OS. So yeah, take that, programmed obsolescence, I will keep using it until it totally die. :___)

Since I started learning how to write bugs and stuff, I have spent less time "playing" with my system configs, trying new software, DEs and WMs, etc. I have settled with Void, suckless, vim, Qutebrowser... It all Just Works (TM), so I don't really get why some people comply about "minimalist" setups being difficult and needing so many tweaks and constant "maintenance": once everything is done to your liking it totally gets out of the way, more than some DEs even... But hey, it may be just me. ;)

Why boxing? 

I do boxing *training*. Just no combat, because I want my last remaining brain cells in working condition, mind you. Yet I wish I could punch something actually alive every now and then, and just call that "sport". :P But anyway. Training like this is hard, but after so many hours of embarrassing myself in front of lots of buggy technobabble, it's a true relief. And makes no sense at all in the context of my life, and that's TBH the true reason. <3

I had noticed how... Similar are the Plan 9 (OS) and Go (programming language) mascots, so I just searched it and... I came to this (co-written... By Rob Pike!) and found that of course they are similar... The same artist created both of them. :) blog.golang.org/gopher

I didn't mention that upstream Grub now disables os-prober by default for, very long story short, security reasons. So if you are concerned about that, then maybe do your own research and decide if you want to use or not the former workaround, or anything else. ;)

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This morning I booted my "pretty" laptop, which has double boot with Void Linux and Arch Linux, with Grub config controlled by the Arch partition... After upgrading both systems and updating Grub, a message stated that Grub is not doing os-prober anymore (?), so no Void entry at boot. Editing etc/default/grub with the line:
solves the issue, just in case you find yourself in a similar situation. :ablobcatwave:

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