Hey folks, I'm looking into hosting a mastodon server for 2-3 users. Can someone mention what is usual storage usage trends or what should be the optimal storage required ?

To add, the VPS I have has 3 vCPU/4 GB (+4GB swap) RAM with 75 GB ssd.

@sahilister are you planning on federating or keeping it private?

I don't have info on that, but just FYI, there are alternatives to Mastodon that are less resources hungry.

@normandc I do know about others but I do like masto's UI and features, so seeing if I can have one :)

@sahilister I think @AaronTheIssueGuy hosts a server of that size, maybe you can ask him

@huy_ngo thanks for the info.

Hey @AaronTheIssueGuy could you mention what're your instance storage usage/trends?

@sahilister @huy_ngo sooo…. my Mastodon(Glitch-soc) instance has been running on a contabo vps with 8gb of ram(+2 swap), 200gb of ssd storage and 4vcpu cores. In round about 100days of medium Mastodon usage without many picture posts, my database has grown to ~600mb. My memory is at about 50% load when in active use and my vcpu cores at ~20%. In addition to my instance I do have some other stuff running as well though.

@sahilister @huy_ngo so the configuration I described should probably be enough for the Situation you describe.

@sahilister Single-user instance, been running for a couple of years now: 16GB database, about 25GB of media (keeping remote media for 14 days, though I'm rejecting files from quite a few high-volume instances).

Local media (my own uploads) count for about 1.5GB up to now - mostly images, very little video or audio.

@sahilister if it's only 2 or 3 users, storage trends are relatively humble, I suppose. 50 gig VPS will go a long way.

@drq @sahilister
Doesn't it more depend on how much stuff do those users follow? Probably even one user can pull in a lot.

@loonycyborg yes, but that's cache. Cache is not important, and you can clear old entries automatically.


@sahilister A TB would be more than enough. I bought a cheap 512 SSD from micro center just for my instance and I don't see myself running out of space for years. Better to provide more than you need than less.

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