Hobby photographers and FOSS enthusiasts, please get together and work on some nice CC0 photos for platforms like unsplash. Why? Because it can make a real difference for press, blogs and more. Help to show the beautiful side of free software and free software desktops to the world 😉

There are way too many pictures for proprietary apps and devices around.


#showTheDesktop #freeTheDesktop #letsBecomeMainstream


Please correct me if I'm wrong but AFAIK Unsplash doesn't allow CC0 on their website. They only allow Unsplash licensed photos which are a variant of CC (I forget which one) but you can't use them in a Unsplash competitor website.

@lionirdeadman yes, unsplash has an unfree license


@sheogorath any other platform recommendations?

i haven't published photos in a while and don't know where journalists and artists would find open content. i used #flickr, but it was sold and became trash

maybe @pixelfed?

i want to have a big catalog, search, also based on tags and filter for CC license. also social features like follow, like and comments

basically flickr, but open source and community maintained

I use Wikimedia Commons to get my images. So maybe check that out for uploads, it's good and checks most boxes.

@lionirdeadman @sheogorath


Doesn't have the social aspect (like, follow...) if that matters.

@lionirdeadman @sheogorath

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