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For anyone intrested in degoogled ROMs, check out for info about what apps will work (with/without microg).

If you're already on such ROMs, help others by contributing what you know to the project.

Boosts welcome

To add to it, I'm mainly interested in videos for self hosting, GNU/Linux, Debian, Vim ...

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I just love the concept of peertube and believe it's the future. The only issue I find is finding interesting accounts/instances to follow.

What accounts/instances do you follow which put out some interesting videos?

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The time to guard against corruption and tyranny is before they have gotten a hold on us.

⇐ Thomas Jefferson

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When a corporation serves you content, they make sure to protect it with DRM so that you cannot make a copy it. It is serious enough that you go to prison for breaking DRM and violating DMCA.

But when surveillance capitalists want to put a price on your data and commodify it, they never talk about how many copies they're going to make of it, the number of times it is resold, all the purposes they're going to use it for and the retention period.


#DRM #DMCA #SurveillanceCapitalism

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Good news for "Public Money? #PublicCode !":

The city of Munich wants to soon start #FreeSoftware projects. First there shall be 5 projects published as #FreeSoftware and from end 2021 all own IT projects should be published as Free Software.

(DE: )

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Since @joshinaa and myself registered under both acts in 2010 , this brings back memories.

Prior to informing J's parents we faked a marriage reception card, did a photoshoot and registered in Karnataka under Hindu act stating that it was for visa purpose. Ie. a Pirate Marriage.
RT @barandbench
Getting married?

Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act?

@penpencildraw illustrates!

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🐘 If you tried Mastodon and you "got bored" quickly, you were using it wrong.

Here's how to fix it:

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I think @cfenollosa makes some really good points here, and I couldn't agree more about his thoughts regarding the local timeline. I'm incredibly proud of the community that we've built up here on .

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RT @litemeter
Can't believe this shit's up as @airtelindia privacy policy. Why do you want data on genetic, biometric, race, political opinion, religious belief, TU membership, health, sex life, sexual orientation, password, financial info? @anivar via @drakshairasam

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As someone who got introduced to GNU/Linux & Free software from school, this is really 💯❤️

Seeing students make cool stuff with FOSS tools from Little KITE clubs is really awesome. Kids get access to Arduino & Raspberry Pi in schools these days! Wish I was in school now :D
RT @pramode_ce
And all of this will be powered by Free Software! Great work once again by the govt of Kerala!

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Hey anyone having screen tearing in Firefox I'm using elementary os, YouTube video is tearing I tried force acceleration but no luck

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ILUGC Monthly Meet - October 10, 2020 - 3-6 pm

#Indian #Linux #Users #Group #Chennai

Introduction to Device Mapper
Profiling with BPFTrace

session is on #IRC channel
#ilugc in

If required #jitsi link will be provided on IRC
All are welcome

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"Tbh you could do this yourself with a reverse IP lookup, a small piece of JS and a single DB table"

This reminds me of that famous Hacker News comment on the Dropbox announcement.

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A programmer was apprehended by authorities, while at work, before he had a chance to check in his code changes.

Subscribe here to get comics and videos first:

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Free Software Foundation has turned 35.🎉

For decades, FSF has played an substantial rule in promoting Software Freedom.

It is hard and terrifying to imagine the world without .

Viva Software Freedom, Viva FSF

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