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If you have content on YouTube and you HAVEN'T considered alternatives like PeerTube, now is the time. Seriously, right now.

"YouTube’s updated terms of service states ‘no obligation’ to host anyone’s video - The Verge"

I'm a cryptocurrency noob. I'm looking at as a YouTube alternative and they have this fundraising thing with their own coin. What does that mean, exactly? Is this an ICO? Is it like buying shares? How hard is it for me to liquidate the coins? I wouldn't mind chipping in but I have no idea what I would be doing.

@sage No, FOSS related subjects are pretty much universally OK as long as they don't violate other parts of the CoC, like containing adult content or slurs of some kind. If you're discussing a FOSS related subject and conversation is polite, it's going to be OK. More the "advocacy" bit of the CoC is there for non-FOSS related subjects. Politics, religion, etc. We know that these are important subjects, and they should be discussed, but here isn't the place for that discussion.

@mike CoC question: What kinds of "advocacy" are subject to removal here? Does that mean posting opinions about stuff like right-to-repair and legislation around FOSS are completely off-limits?

I totally understand wanting to prevent flame wars, blatant fundraising spam, etc. Just curious about the line allowed in casual conversations.

Why do so many technical blogs use their entire screen width for lines of text? It feels like I'm using my eyeballs to mow a lawn.

PSA: If you have some pages published, PLEASE review Butterick's Typography in Ten Minutes with CSS open in an editor.

I'm using Firefox but am feeling ready to experiment with other FOSS browsers. Outside of Tor, what would you suggest I use?

Encountered in the wild on Twitter: Developer with relatively higher social media presence offered money to open a PR on a project seeking traffic.

Is our non-public content encrypted on a Mastodon instance? The ToS doesn't say anything about that.

Drinking game idea: Take turns editing 10 minified JS files in a row. Switch between emacs and vim after each file. Take a shot each time you use a keyboard shortcut meant for the other editor.

Non-freedom-respecting hardware should be considered broken.

No engineering problem I have faced has been as difficult as adopting alternatives to every Google service.

Hello world. Here's my work on integrating Racket and Vulkan, licensed under MIT:


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