Reposting since not everyone picked up on the intended "explain like I'm five" idiom when they saw "five year old": What would you do to convince a sufficiently informed yet technically naive layperson that using FOSS is a moral good? (Compared to using Facebook, et al)

@sage Proprietary software is controlled by one entity. This single point of control creates a single point of failure that falls apart with time. Proprietary software becomes stale, goes in undesirable directions, and ultimately dies out.

With FOSS the community develops it and can have a constantly rotating dev team until the end of time. Since normal users can contribute things which benefit the users will be developed, and if the users aren't happy they can copy it and continue elsewhere.

@sage In short: FOSS has future

When proprietary software inevitably dies the hundreds to thousands of manhours spent on the project from many developers is lost to time, never to be seen again. The death of services specifically also means the death of many conversations and relationships which may be lingering on the service.

With FOSS the service can be restarted with a fresh, clean slate at any time, making it dependable.

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