Genuine question: If you run a Mastodon instance on a cloud provider like AWS, doesn't that defeat the purpose?

@wonderingdane Federation, in that if you host a Mastodon on an EC2 VM you are subjecting the users to go through Amazon to access a service when they might not wish to do so.

@sage I guess that could be said by most instances? There might be instances hosted by OVH, Hetzner, Azure or Google Cloud.

@sage there are many reasons people use Mastodon. Amazon and big tech companies have probably already scrounged the web for any publicly available data anyway like Mastodon posts. But giving money to have aws host isn't good to do imo.

@sage It's definitely not something I would do personally, but the reasons behind having a Mastodon instance of your own may vary greatly from the reasons Mastodon is developed the way that it is. Being Free and Open Source may only be an avenue for access to a larger community. Or not for that matter. It's perfectly possible to run a Mastodon instance that's not federated. To some it may be just a quick way to set up your own personal or corporate communications medium.

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