I found two tools that replaced Evernote, MyFitnessPal and Google Calendar: A journal and a pen.

I know, I know, there's no cloud sync. But a journal covers every situation I care about. I don't need a bunch of accounts, it's as secure as its hiding place, no corporate entity is trying to track it, and you just can't beat that open-and-shut UX.

@sage Same. Tech Junkie that I am, I enjoy planning and taking notes in my journal. It also gives me enough flexibility to plan, think about, and organize anything and everything.

@sage this regression makes too much sense, which is clear evidence that we have fucked up technology. I still maintain it could have been great.

@sage I started BulletJournaling 3 years ago and it revolutionized my life. Pen and paper is the only app out there that lets me get my thoughts out with enough flexibility to get the job done.

@sage i also use pen and paper to note down my plans, scheduling and todo.

@kev I write in a cash reward behind the front cover for safe return.

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