I often hear people casually say "You should learn programming language X". As if that was something you can do in an afternoon. REALLY learning a language means more than being able to churn on some code that runs. You need to be able to navigate the ecosystem and libraries, learn what certain compiler flags do and when to use them. If the language comes with build and documentation tools, you should also learn those. Learning syntax and being able to tinker around is not "knowing a language".

I'm frustrated because I backup religiously and I recently had a catastrophic event. Luckily everything gets backed up every day. However, everything related to Evolution, Gnome Calendar, Gnome Todos, and Evolution itself, refuses to restore anything from the .local and .config files themselves. Instead they expect you to use their backup utility which needlessly complicates the backup process... Is there nothing I can do? Or can I find a dconf setting... somewhere that I need to copy?

Disappointing quote from article regarding #audioBooks:
«*Some publishers refuse to sell digital formats to libraries.*

Major side-eye to every single #Amazon imprint and company, which includes #LakeUnion, #Audible, and more. All of those wonderful Audible exclusive audio books? Are Audible exclusive, which means libraries cannot acquire them.

Some #selfPublished #authors don’t make their stuff available on #OverDrive, and if they’re part of #Kindle Unlimited, *they’re not allowed to*.»

No URI handler implemented for "cdd".

No gstreamer-based misic player will open songs from cd in my setup. Arg!

@alexandria That's not my experience. Source: I ended up very slowly overdosing on B12 up until the point where my blood levels were over double the "maximum" amount you were supposed to have. The effect? I stopped being able to feel my legs.

My doctor: "Why do you have so much b12 in your system"
Me: "I'm a vegetarian, I heard b12 deficiency is a thing."
Doctor: "It is, especially for vegans"
Me: "The internets told me you couldn't OD on B12"
Doctor: "Your blood says otherwise"

“It is increasingly difficult for computer users to avoid technological alienation. Systems become increasingly complex and genuine interest towards their inner workings may be discouraging” viznut.fi/texts-en/resource_le

The irony of banning #TikTok because they "may" hand over to the Chinese government during a time when the US is actively trying to end #encryption (because they can't see your data) is a bit much to take...

#Privacy is a fundamental human right, and invasion of privacy through apps like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc is the real problem from US companies and beyond.

The comparison with Angular 1 feels apt. I can't tell you how much time I spent trying to understand concepts like transclusion, directives, or the difference betweens services, factories, and providers. All that hard-won knowledge is useless now.

Nowadays I'm much more jealous of my time when faced with a JavaScript framework that wants me to get a PhD in their idiosyncrasies before I can be productive.

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«We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it's financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.»

— Jaron Lanier

Building tech for freedom?

Is it intuitive, easy to use, focused, and consistent?

Does it have beautiful defaults?

Is it:

- Private by default?
- Secure by default?
- Usable by default?


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The Hike 💚 A 6 inch aerial embroidery complete with 3D hills, my first ever! I really enjoyed making them and I'm definitely going to do more :D it also has two hikers, sheep and Dartmoor ponies, boulders, and heather bushes - quite a lot tiny details! #handmade #uksmallbiz

"No one is forced to use Facebook" 

I hear that often, but I know of many people who had to create accounts and start to use Facebook for things like classes, community participation, and family communication. It's assumed you have it, and we don't make affordances for those who don't.

Perhaps we're not forced with violence or laws, but we are strongly coercing each other to use it. I never created an account for various reasons, and I have lost touch with people as a result.

Recomend me a bluetooth adaper thst works well with !

Talking on an analog phone line is deeply satisfying. I think it's the lack of latency; we're used to 100-500ms delay in most cell phone conversations. It's almost spooky to talk to someone for half an hour and not once have to say "no, sorry, go ahead" or add additional space to make sure someone's done speaking.

Current level of twentytwentiness: "at least the sky is still blue here" is an actual thought my mind has just produced.

don't watch untrusted videos, suicide 

A person committed suicide on a Facebook live stream last night (story at nypost.com/2020/09/08/army-vet)

Assholes have spliced the recording into cute videos.

Don't watch videos unless you're VERY sure of the sender.

the complex heart we have evolved by folding of the most simple heart, which was a tube filled with blood surrounded by muscle, and if you unfold it it's still just a tube full of blood surrounded by muscle

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