Konica Minolta error page for requiring JavaScript itself requires JavaScript to display correctly... 😅

gather data
hand edit package
develop web app
enter data
generate package
verify identical
why rejected?

*** internal screaming ***

Currently developing an intranet website for generating packages that comply with the FDA's eCTD format.

Not my favorite project >.>

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I've been using startpage.com instead of duckduckgo for some time and it works really well. They provide the same results as google but anonymize all data.

First project will be the light switch for basement bathroom (which also controls vent fan). Kids often forget to turn off that light which keeps sucking the heat/air from the house so I want to automate some checks to turn it off.

Specifically I’m thinking to check humidity first, then motion and finally a timeout to turn off the light.

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Looking to get started with smart home devices and thinking to go with Mozilla WebThings via Zigbee adapter. Thoughts?

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Spent part of yesterday trying teas with my BFF. Today I’m relaxing with a cup of chocolate strawberry pu-erh 🤤

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Thanks, just spotted an article on active directory integration; studying up now

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Does anyone here have experience running a Linux file server on a Windows domain?

We're in process of moving our physical servers to virtual machines and this would be an ideal time to move to Linux for some if not too difficult to implement and manage.

Slightly embarrassed (and super stoked) to have just found out about list() in PHP, e.g.:

list($date,$time) = explode(' ','2019-04-09 14:06:00');

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We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

Work moved from Skype to Skype Business a while back. They hate it and want to move back. I’m in charge of this and plan to move to Riot or similar instead. Any recommendations?

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Does anyone have any podcasts they recommend related to open source software development? I currently listen to Open Source - Software Engineering Daily (which is how I learned about Mastodon), but I am looking to find more.

Played twice; won both (granted it was on easy mode).

Then played King of Tokyo which was rather peaceful until 1 player gained the card to always attack all other players and rolled 5 claws taking 3 of us out in a single turn...

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