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@ghil @eltokhy I've tried things like these, the space one is probably the best, but they work with two choices and I have 4.

I've been using computers for 20 years, and I still haven't found the ideal key combination for switching keyboard layouts.

I've tried so many combinations, including adding a dedicated second keyboard for a particular layout.

The main problem is mixed text, where I find myself changing layouts every other word...

@hund Do we need to be doing accounting? :) I don't think my finances are complicated enough. Any benefits from doing it?

@hund Isn't that the "rule" for plain-text emails? Mail clients do it automatically. People aren't hitting the enter key randomly.

@hund "contain significant spelling & or grammatical errors", this is funny. Good luck doing that in 100s of languages and dialects.

GNU Guix is an interesting system, probably the first time I extensively read a manual *before* trying something :)

Based on my install, I wrote some notes on static IP addresses, during and post installation.

@hund I updated the post with the new information.

Weird I had never encountered the "t" commands before :)

@hund Ok, apparently tSh, saves the results in autoconfig.yml, so it can be permanent. I didn't not know about this. haha

@hund you mean enable it every time. For the list, you do it once. The list could have a few frequently used sites only.

@hund @jrballesteros05
Unfortunately, this doesn't solve that.

That's what's missing for me in qutebrowser. Something like noscript or umatrix.

But, you can block the google analytics domains altogether. I assume the new adblocker does it? Or the domains can be added manually.

@hund Disable JavaScript globally and allow for a few sites only. Nothing more :)

It's just that the file is an external list.

I recently discovered expand-region, for quick selections of blocks.

Sometimes I need to post full scripts or code in a blog post. I was thinking where to put them. Self-hosted pastebin? Some kind of git system? Which one?

Then I though, I'll just add a new content type in hugo with a simple layout. I think it turned out ok.

What if you add a function for the Linux one that does the md5sum - | cut... ?

Finally converted my Emacs config to org "literate" style.

I was sceptical before, but It is so much better now. :emacs: :orgmode:

@hund "abusive content" somewhere on a messaging app?

So, why don't they remove twitter, facebook, whatsapp and all that group?

I watch if I want to see the package size for shipping, or what cables are available inside, and things like that :)

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