@amer If it's your own server, you can use goaccess, which will simply read the web server log files. No changes to your website.


Had to fix my email address on all of my 12 personal git repos...

I had a fake dummy address before, but I needed to change it since I plan on publishing a few of these.


@celia Neat. And I disable my whole history to avoid this... :)

Looks like for zsh it is:

@hund So, just continue using it, until it stops working.

All my applications fit in one screen, so I never found the need for folders.

@hund Have you ever tried OpenLauncher? What are the advantages of Lawnchair over that?

When I was in a similar position and didn't want any bars, I had an actual physical desktop clock right under the monitor.

@hund True. It's not possible to go mouseless with Firefox, even if you manage a lot of things, there will always be odd quirks.

Regarding bookmarks, I am using buku, not the Firefox manager.

As for the interface, I have hidden the tab bar, so, I am left with just the address bar. I have a tab manager on the side (Sidebery), which can be open/closed easily.

But, the conclusion remains, there is no ideal browser... Which would be qutebrowser with the Firefox engine.

@hund At the moment it's 49 inch 5120x1440.

@jrss My solution has been not to remove anything :)

Once in a while I start clean, and let use-package get everything.

@jrss I think it relies on the package list in custom-set-variables, which will not be updated if you use use-package or similar.

@celia All the time. Same with the toggle buttons, where it's not clear if it's on or off.

@hund Maybe Apple did it like this, and they felt they need to copy...

I'm still on 10, but there is a "Display Size" which I set to "small".

I think you are right. If the text is baked onto the PCB itself, then it may be ambiguous.

But, if the text is on the outside cover, or even added on the PCB with a sticker for example, then it would be more understandable.

In the end, someone else may, in theory, put a non FOSS firmware on the same PCB.

Angry rant about Wordpress 

@ChrisWere Does Wordpress have like a "lite" editor? Or maybe one could be added?

@hund Maybe they removed wallpapers altogether by now :)

I think there was a Windows version where changing the Wallpaper was not available in the lowest tier. You had to buy Pro or whatever :)

@hund Unfortunately, I don't think there are any contenders.

Take a look at Nyxt I guess.

@hund Looks like this one is from 3 years ago?

@hund I thought it's going to be about your home directory :)

@kev "Freedom is so difficult, I wish everything was decided for me, so much more convenient." 😔

@hund The first line is the password, but there is no concept of a username, unless you mean reading the second line?

With pass -c you can specify the line, but it only copies to the clipboard.

I have made an extension called line where I get the line I want with tail and head.

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