I've been using openSUSE for work the past couple of weeks, and (together with OpenBSD) I think I've found my server replacements for CentOS. :opensuse:

@hund In my opinion this was inevitable, but I don't think there are enough Rust programmers at the moment to have a big enough impact on the Kernel.

By the time it does, hopefully there would be faster Rust compilers and more target architectures. Or maybe, it will not see any adoption and will be removed again.

For me, I'm already dependent on Rust through ripgrep, fd and other tools.

@hund But, where would you go? FreeBSD, OpenBSD? Still, there isn't anything comparable to Gentoo...

@hund Well, 65% and hotswap are priorities :)

Looking at my keyboards, I realized I've bought all four in the month of September, on different years.

But, I've missed the last couple of years, So, that means I have around 5 months to decide on the next one :)

"Chat application" used to mean a simple thing, communication in short text messages.

Now, if it doesn't have audio/video, some channel/group type thing, it is labeled as "legacy" or "inextensible"?

Those are different categories that can coexist as different solutions.

XMPP and Matrix/Element are not competing in the same area. Matrix is something totally different.

And what does cryptocoin have anything to do with chatting 😂

I tried again the first ever Linux distro I ever used, SUSE 8, in the early 2000s.

In the beginning, I used to login as root with this nice red background :)

@chriswere On YouTube I watch most things in 360p perfectly fine. Only exception would be if there are things to read on the screen.

Otherwise, my download quota wouldn't survive a week :)

@mindofjoe After using gogs solo for a long time, I moved back to no web server, and simply git over ssh.

The only advantage I can think of for a web client, is if you want to make some of your repos public, or share it with others.

I've been using so many window managers, at the same time, on my different machines: spectrwm, herbstluftwm, stumpwm, and bspwm.

This was manageable mainly thanks to sxhkd.

Now, I finally consolidated all to bspwm.

That's because I finally gave up on virtual monitors on my ultrawide. It's much more flexible to rely on the split ratio, and bspwm's very powerful window placement rules.

@hund Funny. I wonder when one of these empires is going to buy Signal.

@hund As always there is no ideal solution...

I like Posteo, but they don't do custom domains.

I would have gotten a LaserJet, much more affordable on the long run. Unless you need colors as well.

@hund Before moving to having just a calendar, I used OpenTasks.

@hund They don't provide charges anymore?

A better way to protect the environment would be to have longer lasting and more repairable phones, at least have an easily replaceable battery.

For new Apple laptops, even the SSD is soldered on...

@hund Yes, we have our own alphabet :) Armenian.

@ghil Yes, I've had super + 1 2 3 4. Ideally, I want each layout a single key. Maybe a 4 key special keyboard :)

@Juliusdelta I have QMK as well. By layout I mean different languages using different scripts.

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