After 20 years of using computers, I decided it's time to learn proper typing. I want blank keycaps :)

@rzg You can do the getto method that I used back in the day with black electrician's tape :p

@sotolf I am well past the phase of sticky keys :)

@rzg Hehe, in the end I went with an alternative layout, so many of the keys aren't what they say on top anyway :p but it really made relearning typing a lot easier, because you're not fighting against both old muscle memory and a cumbersome keyboard layout.

@sotolf That's true. I have a set with no English/Latin letters, I can practice on that.

@rzg or just go for dvorak or colemak, it will be better in the long run, even though it's more work in the beginning :)

@sotolf That would mess with all my bindings, especially everything vim based. It will also mess with all the non English phonetic layouts.

Too much work :)

@rzg Hmm, I've been using vim with colemak for years, it's not that crappy, also I'm writing in 3 languages, might be worse with phonetic layouts :p

@rzg I have blank keys that I don't use. They're Cherry profile and PBT plastic.

This is how they look. I have extra sets. :)

@hund Looks good. I wonder if I should go with ISO for my next keyboard :)

@rzg apparently I do enough typing to convert my keyboards into blanks...

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