I just ordered my first ever printer. I really don't want one, but it looks like I have no choice now with my company.

@rsi2m HP Officejet Pro 6230. It's supported by Linux, it's affordable, it does one thing and by the looks of it, it does that well.


I would have gotten a LaserJet, much more affordable on the long run. Unless you need colors as well.

@rzg @rsi2m I don't like lasers. They're not good for your health.

@hund @rzg @rsi2m that's true, but i weighed the cost of a heart attack in the next few years from brand new ink drying up constantly, or the laser printer giving me cancer in 20 years and went with cancer. YYMV. :)

@ITwrx @rzg @rsi2m Haha! I intend to use it regularly, so it doesn't dry out on me. :)

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