I've been using computers for 20 years, and I still haven't found the ideal key combination for switching keyboard layouts.

I've tried so many combinations, including adding a dedicated second keyboard for a particular layout.

The main problem is mixed text, where I find myself changing layouts every other word...

@rzg I don't 100% understand what you mean by switching layouts, but, i use an Ergodox EZ keyboard which is powered by QMK firmware, which allows me to set layers for different layouts and toggle them on/off or "hold key to temporarily enable".

An example would be, I have arrow keys mapped to HJKL on a specific layer, and so I just hold a key on my left hand and HJKL turns into the arrow keys.

QMK is open source and a lot of mech keyboards use this firmware.


@Juliusdelta I have QMK as well. By layout I mean different languages using different scripts.

@rzg @Juliusdelta I'm writing with colemak and have the letters I need for the 3 languages I write often, it's getting worse if you're needing to write with non-latin characters though.

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