There've been a few posts about the Gemini protocol lately. I'm glad I checked it out.

People need to try it, before forming opinions. This big-tech mentality that software or innovation needs to have millions of users or have a target to take over the world is nonsense.

And it's very easy to start. There are many Gemini clients, like amfora, a fancy terminal based one, or Lagrange a GUI client that also works with Gopher.

More info:

@rzg My primary issue is with gemini is the lack of content variety. I saw almost nothing but gemlogs about minimalism, free software, tech or in general personal stuff. After a point you lose interest because it feels like an ultra minimal alternative to wordpress than it does like an internet corner for minimalists. In general finding a gemini site that is not a gemlog or a software repo is nearly impossible.

@person Sure, it's not for everything. I don't view it as a replacement for the web. Nor, do I see exclusive gemini-only usage, where people completly remove their browsers.

For now, it's an interesting experiment.

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