@libreleah glad that it turned out to be only a relatively short downtime.
But you probably have still some tasks to deal with. Hope everything will work out perfectly soon.

@mike Sounds good. But to be honest, I really don't want to program that on myself. If it's support SonOff and Philips Hue, that would be enough.
So HA sounds good.
But the other thing is even more important: Don't change. While I'm as a tech nerd I live with cutting edge tech (wooh that sounds wrong), home appliances need to be consistent. I rely on them. Going to sleep, start my routine, it must work. Any day, every day. No change. Is Mycroft consistent by not changing all the time?

@mike I only would want 2 things from it: Work with smart devices and don't change things that are working. Ever!

On my Amazon Echo every monthe something changed and won't work the way before or not at all.
I can learn how to use my Sony Bravia TV functions every week.

2nd solar power station in use now. Oukitel P501 is really great for the price. I was surprised how good it is.

Talk like a pirate day and launch of Return to Monkey Island. This September 19th is something special.
Yo ho.

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@StartpageSearch I recently switched from Google to Startpage as my main search engine. A lot better than DuckDuckGo ever was, and you seem to get your results from Google (which have always been the best results for me), while keeping it proxied/anonymous/private.
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Happy Birthday Linux!

Linux is an example of how people from all over the world can unite under a common vision to create and do amazing things.

Together, developers everywhere joined forces and built the widest and most utilized software ever.

Don't you love open source? ♥️♥️

Oh of course. But you know there are also real messengers available and the vast majority is still on sms. So I'm really afraid if digging into the numbers of users still using browsers and that don't properly supports PNG. :ablobcatattention: :ablobcatattention:

Yeah because we want to make sure that even Americans can see the picture.
Still lmao that you're still using sms. :blobcatgiggle:

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FedEx says my Steam Deck should be here tomorrow. I don't foresee much actual work getting done after it arrives.

Raspberry Pi NAS Server now running on solar power. 2 Ironwolf 4TB drives, boot SSD and
Could have been much easier with a powerstation, but this was only about $270 Dollar including the 100 watt solar panel.

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Just "de-snapped" my Firefox. Smooth transition.
Faster and less resources occupied.

Cat in the bucket slides I to an awesome adventure in "Stray"

too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot... you know what...
🌞 🚫 | ☁️ 🙏

Set up Kitty terminal, because using the standard KDE Konsole is boring (hence it has some very nice features). But you know, I need always something special when it comes to terminals... Maybe I'll jump to Xonsh very soon... Python shell, hum. Very intriguing.

@doubletrucker Yeah, it's great in summertime. I fear winter :)

To save gas I now shower with cold water. It's like you're swimming in a lake. Nothing spectacular.
But every little bit of gas saving counts now.
Btw, I didn't heat for 19 years in a row now anyway. So I can't save more.

Wow, can't wait for this one:

From the artists of "Your Name" and "Weathering with You". It has to be awesome...

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