The new Google Pixel 6 phones were introduced yesterday...
Prices... well are not so good.

More on that later. Maybe :)

This is so sad.
Retro-tech tuber loses everything.
You can support him.

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The Free Software Foundation and Defective by Design are on Mastodon! Visit us at and

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Well, the Battlefield 2042 Beta has ended a few days ago. This is the result.

The best Battlefield since BF4. Wow. Already pre-ordered for the PS5. (Beware link to the evil! ;) )

@surendrajat Well true or not... here is an example of Xiaomi releasing MediaTek kernel sources:

I still love MediaTek. It's at least not used to blackmail other countries, like Qualcomm.

@surendrajat Well, this:

You can get the MediaTek kernel source from the vendor of the phone. Xiaomi e.g. offering it.

Other than that, there is no "good guy" in the SOC market. Not MediaTek, but definitely not Qualcomm, nor everybody else.

When it comes to SOC's, you're in a nightmare of dark crap. That's why they even get politically used to put pressure on others.

@mike Well, I did. I couldn't even use my messaging tool yesterday for some time. The only thing that was working for me to text someone was Signal Messenger.

Looks like many services suffered from collateral damage as the many non fulfilled request from millions (maybe even billions) of users completely took down some DNS.
My WAN-connection was marked as non working even though data was flowing. My phone went berserk O.o
So yes, I totally had problems without having any Facebook product.

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The FSF turns 36 today! We're hard at work fighting for your freedom, so in the meantime, please check out our anniversary celebration from last year:

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Hi! Thank you.
First I wanted to write the same to you. But then I thought you might not even know me anymore :).
I was there the whole time, just on different places as it seems.
Glad to found you here. Awesome!

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@tenacity Then everything is fine for me. :)
Thanks a lot for your dedication to the fork. It's a relieve to see it's evolving so fast. :blobfoxthumbsup:

@tenacity As long as there will be a light theme I can adapt to it.
But this color scheme... 😶 🔫

Okay, so I watched this in full length.
How I'm supposed to get this song out of my head again O.o

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