My Amazon Echo Show replacement with a Raspberry Pi 4 is ready soon.
I completely got rid of some features while adding some others.

Now waiting for my LED Beamer (!) to arrive.
Post will follow if everything is set up.

A short impression on the Raspberry Pi 400 as a retro machine. (link update)


Finally I stopped my stubborn NAS dock from spinning down the drives every 10 minutes. Nope, hdparm was not enough.
Writing to the drive every 9 minutes helps.

*Raspberry Pi 4 LED and Button Panel*
I run a Pi-NAS server at home, and ran into a problem. I want to see if the server is safe to cut off from power basically. And in addition to shutdown via SSH, it would be neat to have a shutdown button. However, to turn on the server again, I had to cut power and turn back on. There has to be another way. And there is.

Installed Manjaro 64-bit on the Pi 400. Works great so far.
If only any Distro would take full advantage of the graphical abilities. I wonder how Kodi can run with this?
Btw working great from a 32GB USB 3.0 stick

Pimoroni ... Awesome Pi Pico electronic gadgets that are " **Out of Stock** ".
Everytime I got there say wow and find out it's no longer available.

Pimiga up and running. Wohooo. Now I'm exhausted. Took 9 hours but happy. :raspberrypi:
Sdcard flashing took forever.

The Pi 400 has arrived. Having a blast with RetroPi. Wow! Tandy color, spectrum, oric... I'm in retro heaven! :ac_flourish:


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