2nd solar power station in use now. Oukitel P501 is really great for the price. I was surprised how good it is.

Raspberry Pi NAS Server now running on solar power. 2 Ironwolf 4TB drives, boot SSD and
Could have been much easier with a powerstation, but this was only about $270 Dollar including the 100 watt solar panel.

Cat in the bucket slides I to an awesome adventure in "Stray"

Amiga 2000 booted from harddisk again. Yay. So I call this a successful repair.
But what now?
I don't feel like using it again. The emulations on the Pi are so much better with more options. Just need a way to copy my floppy disks to an USB Stick.
But even that... I think I will go another way to have some "missing computer feeling back". I'll keep you updated.

Done. Almost. Now some details need to be addressed. Harddrive or controller dead. Let's see about this.
CVBS ouput only black/white. Maybe from some mod? Have to try the video port when my old CRT is up and running or VGA with 50Hz is working on my monitor. Where are the cables?

Repaired my old Amiga 2000.
This battery leak!
Luckily no traces are damaged. Soldered a new battery on the board and cleaned it.

Playing Uncharted: Lost Legacy
Awesome game and well remastered for the PS5

The moment when you realize you'll have to listen to AFN (military media broadcasting) to hear less war propaganda than on German TV...

I posted this when the first image of a black hole was presented by scientists. Now the new one from the center of our galaxy get me the same reaction...

Finally Doctor Who returns!

10th: Doctor Who
11th: Doctor Who !
12th: Doctor well
13th: Nurse what?
14th: Doctor Who

Congratz Ncuti Gatwa!

Mastodon is the new Twitter? No, please, no!
I'm really divided and concerned by the new "arrivals" on Mastodon.

The official Mastodon-App is now available on Google Play.
But it hast no federated nor a local timeline option.

Is that the first sign of the upcoming changes, @rudolf ?


New home for my 4.
The OnePlus Nord 2 5G Pac Man Edition phone holder is a perfect fit.
Even the LEDs are visible through the transparent bricks.

It's on... The Fog Day.
Midnight till 1 o'clock...

Monkey Island is waiting for me when I'm done with the podcasts for today. 🐒 🏝️

Oh no, I missed Pi-Day yesterday.
But it's never to late for Pi :)

So I use the Ubuntu 21.10 64bit SSD on my Pi 4 instead on the Pi 400 which is for my retro emulation stuff.
Had some quirks at first (old bootloader and bad WiFi) but now it runs okay.
Blimey, is that WiFi on the Pi 4 bad in comparison with the Pi 400. Wasn't expecting that. Had to switch to the 2,4 GHz band. No chance of a stable connection at 5 GHz.

Podcasts done... now back to Uncharted :) :ablobcathappypaws:

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