Well, the Battlefield 2042 Beta has ended a few days ago. This is the result.

The best Battlefield since BF4. Wow. Already pre-ordered for the PS5.
twitter.com/Battlefield/status (Beware link to the evil! ;) )

Mixed my new Eternal Blue ink.
Color profile DCI-P3
This ink can't be destroyed by UV-light, water, chlorine, aceton or alcohol.
The paper will dissolve before the ink does. Eternally...

In got myself a new keyboard. A cheap, but mechanical keyboard which feels so great in compared to a 4 times more expensive non-mechanical boards. Wow.
I know it's nothing like the original blue switches but it's still impressive enough.

Will you look at this.
Finally I got my PS5!
I wanted the digital edition, but no chance to get those. So I decided to go with the drive I'll never use.

It was a big shame to this point. I wanted the PS5 on release day November 19, 2020(!).
And now it's June 2021. Sad, sad, sad. But now it's here.

My Amazon Echo Show replacement with a Raspberry Pi 4 is ready soon.
I completely got rid of some features while adding some others.

Now waiting for my LED Beamer (!) to arrive.
Post will follow if everything is set up.

Just listening to... Sailor Moon

Because it's her holiness!

And today I'm beginning with soldering together this alarm clock.
There are a few smd parts that will be tricky with my branding iron

Amiga time! (Redraft from 2021-03-30 - Link update)

I think I postponed my housework to another day :)

»» Amiga fun! ««
But yes, I also have to do some housework… or maybe I reschedule cleaning to tommorow? :) Let's see.

It feels good to work and play on the Amiga. Have to find a better way to connect it to my Linux machine to transfer things. SMB ist not working. Strange.

A short impression on the Raspberry Pi 400 as a retro machine. (link update)



Installed Kitty-Terminal (originally posted 🗓️ 2021-03-02)

It's so awesome after some configuration, that I decided to make it my default. Great options and a lot of customization possible.
The special thing is, it uses OpenGL and the GPU which saves CPU-Power. It's pretty and quick.

It can run special terminal programs called "Kittens" 😍 and has a full tab and window tiling feature integrated. Must have this.

*Raspberry Pi 4 LED and Button Panel*
I run a Pi-NAS server at home, and ran into a problem. I want to see if the server is safe to cut off from power basically. And in addition to shutdown via SSH, it would be neat to have a shutdown button. However, to turn on the server again, I had to cut power and turn back on. There has to be another way. And there is.


There you have it. A Raspberry Pi 400 running an Amiga-Emulation on my i3wm machine with Manjaro Linux via VLC and Video Capture.
Just wanted to use everything on the same monitor without switching. Including audio.
Quality is acceptable. Even for games.

Interesting. Richard Stallman has updated his personal website. He is aware of the hatred against him and links the support site stallmansupport.org/


Watching TRON...

How is the political correct name of the master control program?
Main control programm?

To all RMS :fsf: hater, and bigots you say free speech and then trying to destroy someone because that person made use of human rights🆓 :
If you want to make the world🌎 a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change!

I'm sooooo glad Richard M. Stallman is back on the FSF Board of Directors !
A software guru that basically created the free software screne as we know it, is irreplacable.

Populous ... The mother of all building simulations. :ac_flourish:
Amiga version

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