Wow... K-9 Mail will be Thunderbird mobile.
I hoe they don't forget to implement a tracking-pixel feature like Fairemail has.
Would be a great alternative to the latter. I love Fairemail but the dev is a bit unstable ;)

@ryo Please explain the tracking-pixel feature

@edgren If you get a mail that includes external images you can look at them. But tracking pixels are still gonna be blocked. And tracking images from Amazon e.g.
Normal images are still showing.

PS: sorry, there was a problem with mistyping directly after your @ -handle. Shame on my smartphone (or on me :) )

@ryo Aha, you meant like that 🙂

Hehe, no worries 🙂


Oh god no. K9 is crap.

I use fairemail because k9 is crap.

@spyro I wouldn't say crap, but Fairemail is just better.
I also used K-9 and switched to Fairemail, because it's much more secure and modern feeling. Yes, and I NEED snoozing of mails. No negotiating there.

But everything is in question because the developer is so "unstable". If a problem occurs he threatens to quit, pulled apps from the play store, and talks a lot about giving up the app. That is not a feeling good for using such an important app. This is not for fun.

@ryo he isn't unstable.

Google are making it hard for him.

I've emailed him before. He seems perfectly reasonable.

You have no "right" to his labour.

I have also contact to him.
He seems to be a very nice person. He is helpful and friendly.
I agree it's basically on Google.

But this all is my personal decision. I can not use a highly important app for me when it is in danger to be abandoned any time because he has problems with critics (has happened before in the community) or because Google enforcing their (crap) rules.

A bigger organization might have a more secure approach.

@ryo fair enough. It sounded like you were blaming him.

I'm guessing English isn't your first language - calling someone unstable is not a good thing.

Oh I see.
With unstable I meant unreliable in terms of the future of Fairemail.
Sorry for the wrong wording.

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