Oh, end of Google Stadia 🎮 🚫

Google decided to end the Stadia service. Many had already expected this for some time.

2nd solar power station in use now. Oukitel P501 is really great for the price. I was surprised how good it is.

Talk like a pirate day and launch of Return to Monkey Island. This September 19th is something special.
Yo ho.

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@StartpageSearch I recently switched from Google to Startpage as my main search engine. A lot better than DuckDuckGo ever was, and you seem to get your results from Google (which have always been the best results for me), while keeping it proxied/anonymous/private.
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Happy Birthday Linux!

Linux is an example of how people from all over the world can unite under a common vision to create and do amazing things.

Together, developers everywhere joined forces and built the widest and most utilized software ever.

Don't you love open source? ♥️♥️

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FedEx says my Steam Deck should be here tomorrow. I don't foresee much actual work getting done after it arrives.

Raspberry Pi NAS Server now running on solar power. 2 Ironwolf 4TB drives, boot SSD and
Could have been much easier with a powerstation, but this was only about $270 Dollar including the 100 watt solar panel.

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Just "de-snapped" my Firefox. Smooth transition.
Faster and less resources occupied.

Cat in the bucket slides I to an awesome adventure in "Stray"

too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot, too hot... you know what...
🌞 🚫 | ☁️ 🙏

Set up Kitty terminal, because using the standard KDE Konsole is boring (hence it has some very nice features). But you know, I need always something special when it comes to terminals... Maybe I'll jump to Xonsh very soon... Python shell, hum. Very intriguing.

To save gas I now shower with cold water. It's like you're swimming in a lake. Nothing spectacular.
But every little bit of gas saving counts now.
Btw, I didn't heat for 19 years in a row now anyway. So I can't save more.

Wow, can't wait for this one:

From the artists of "Your Name" and "Weathering with You". It has to be awesome...

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Here we go. I got my Mele Quieter 3Q Mini PC and it's already in full use.
Here is a short overview:

I'll write a little overview of my experience with the Mele Quieter 3Q when I'll get it.
I plan to install Ubuntu 22.04 on a NVME Intenso Premium 256 GB SSD and leave the eMMC untouched for now.
Let's see...

I'm really excited by this. I'll probably get one soon.
Mele Quieter 3Q
Under GNU+Linux only 2.4 Watt when idling. Awesome.
That's the replacement I need for my 10 year old Computer, while saving power.

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😩 Summary of my emails with Xencelabs, PicassoTab, Huion, XpPen, Artisul and UGEE: it's hopeless. 😅

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