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Using Fosstodon with 500 chars almost kill the need for blogging. I do less blog posts than ever.

I have to contemplate about that. If 500 chars is enough to replace most of my postings, I think there is a problem with the posts :blobfoxthink:

I had to toot this from twitter via nitter :ablobcathappypaws: :

"Veni. Vidi. Conveni. Consedi. I came. I saw. I fit. I sit."


This is breathtaking. You can track the JWST in Realtime from the NASA's website.

Where Is Webb? NASA/Webb

The James Webb Space Telescope has launched today. Awesome.
Let's get excited to discover new horizons in space science.

Merry Christmas to everyone. A little early, but those days are the most stressful in the year. Wait a minute, isn't it supposed to be the opposite? :)🎄

Yay, it's 8th of December which means:

*** It's Misato Katsuragis Birthday ***

And that makes it Misato-Day for me.
Beer🍺 and Ramen🍜 ONLY today !

Pimiga 2 is out!
Awesome✨ . Now with 64bit debian and 64bit Amiberry.
That makes it a great Amiga-Emulator that keeps up with every stress you can put on.
You can just use Pi-Imager :raspberrypi: to flash it to microsd, usbstick, SSD or HD and boot directly into Scalos(OSS Amiga OS).
Oh btw. This is non-working. You need the original Amiga Kick-ROM 3.1 from Cloanto. Check the Android Play Store for getting all the needed roms (and more) for a few bucks.

Rank #65 now on Battlefield 2042.
If you talk to me, you have to begin and end your sentences with "Sir".

Battlefield 2042 Rank #53
Yay...it's going forward.

BF2042 out now *stop*
Com-links offline *stop*
Communication blackout of several days likely *stop*

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Gnome and many of related projects in the hand with Red Hat has been breaking the user experience for years and the problem is everyone else except them.


This article from 2013 explains why in 2021 Gnome only get forks and "haters".

Just read through the whole story and history of the fictional world in
This is really a well thought-out plot, which in parts, could really happen due to global warming.

Less than 24 hours before it begins... lock&load!


Yes... it's on... Battlefield 2042 on my Playstation 5 already waiting for boom-day ! :blobcatgun:

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Okay, so I learned that Timeshift on Manjaro does not backup al files in your home directory. Horrible. I've lost a lot of my preferences and some scripts. :(
Have to do this seperately with "Back in Time". Unbelievable.

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