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@ryo I love how this RMS story made more people explore what GNU is doing, donate to FSF individually, discover various cool software like Emacs and Guix, read essays on gnu.org and learn more about copyleft licensing, become aware of patents, trademarks and DRM threats.

I've done it.
Made emacs my mail-program. Yay. Now I can basically install emacs and use everything I usually do over the day.

And, I feel good using a program from RMS for everything.

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You know, I love email. It's versatile and can do everything.

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Something very wonderful, written in HTML by a very wonderful person, is now live. I didn't make this site, but it's an entire site defending RMS.

The cancellers are officially on notice.

#SupportRMS #DefendRMS #RMS #richardstallman

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By the way, my article defending RMS now has many translations available.

libreboot.org/news/rms.html has a language select menu.

Languages available right now are: English, Arabic, Bengali, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.

Right now, I know for a fact that people are working on the following: German, Portuguese and Thai. I know because they told me.

Stay tuned!

Don't listen to the haters. RMS is our leader.

Food: check
Coffee: check
Audacity: check
Mood: πŸ€–
Status: Ready for recording the netcasts today

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For freedom in your own computer, the #software must be free.

For freedom on the #internet, we must organize against #surveillance, censorship, SaaSS and the war against sharing. -Richard #Stallman


Bullying/Cancel Culture in a nutshell:

I'm vegan!

ol' days: What?
pre-cc: Oh, wow you're awesome
Cancel Culture: you deny animals even to live for a short period of time. You are the worst!

me: Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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( β€’_β€’)
/ >​ :gnu:

Watching TRON...

How is the political correct name of the master control program?
Main control programm?

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too much green tea... 😰 🍡 πŸ˜†

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