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#GNU Emacs is so much more than a text editor -- it's an entire workflow environment, loved by free software supporters around the world. Get the new GNU Emacs Manual, Nineteenth edition, for Emacs 27.2, at the GNU Press Shop: u.fsf.org/3ff

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In got myself a new keyboard. A cheap, but mechanical keyboard which feels so great in compared to a 4 times more expensive non-mechanical boards. Wow.
I know it's nothing like the original blue switches but it's still impressive enough.

Okay... that good to know.
Freenode admins (whoever those are) goes berserk.
Official FSF and GNU channels are now on Libera.chat after they got seized without warning.


This could be my new phone when it comes out.
IF it has 8+GB/256+GB!

I really want a MediaTek Chipset on my next pocket computer (yeah that's what a smartphone is for me. Telephone calls are the least thing I'll ever do with it).


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Despite our plans for a gradual transition, FSF staff and GNU volunteers are no longer in control of the #fsf and #gnu channels on the Freenode network. Please find us at libera.chat instead.

Will you look at this.
Finally I got my PS5!
I wanted the digital edition, but no chance to get those. So I decided to go with the drive I'll never use.

It was a big shame to this point. I wanted the PS5 on release day November 19, 2020(!).
And now it's June 2021. Sad, sad, sad. But now it's here.

Ok from October on it will be quiet from my side for a few month.
Battlefield 2042.
Radio silence confirmed for 2021-10-22!


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My Raspberry Pi Info Display is finally finished

My thoughts about buying another Echo Show ending up in questions about, if I could instead using an alternative that have some more features overall and of course is open source.


Turns out my room is not perfect (to say at best) for a beamer *sigh*

This is not a complete desaster, because I wanted to rearrange the whole room anyway, but it's a short term set back.

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My Amazon Echo Show replacement with a Raspberry Pi 4 is ready soon.
I completely got rid of some features while adding some others.

Now waiting for my LED Beamer (!) to arrive.
Post will follow if everything is set up.

Just listening to... Sailor Moon

Because it's her holiness!

Okay, so it is working basically... well without time running 😂 .
I'm certain it must be the quartz, since everything else is working.
Need a replacement. Enough for today inhaling solder and flux fumes *cough*

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And today I'm beginning with soldering together this alarm clock.
There are a few smd parts that will be tricky with my branding iron

Done with the netcasts... Streaming TV is calling.
Let's see...
Knight Rider ✔️
Earth Final Conflict ✔️
The Grand Tour (ooh yeah) ✔️ ✔️

After changing my MicroRyo blog homepage to my profile here, it no longer is about 276KB, but now 4.01MB 🤯 .
Well, too bad. At least if someone has an account, or use mobile clients, they can turn off pictures by default. That would reduce the amount loaded.
And disabling Javascript helps a lot, too.

Amiga time! (Redraft from 2021-03-30 - Link update)

I think I postponed my housework to another day :)

»» Amiga fun! ««
But yes, I also have to do some housework… or maybe I reschedule cleaning to tommorow? :) Let's see.

It feels good to work and play on the Amiga. Have to find a better way to connect it to my Linux machine to transfer things. SMB ist not working. Strange.

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