Not happy with the performance of p5, I just programmed a subset of the Processing API in Python3 using PyGame (SDL2). Less than 350 lines... and it's fast! Just uploaded it to github and pypi.

plus5, Python3 port of a subset of the Processing API

Introducción a p5: Programación gráfica fácil con Python He creado este tutorial sobre p5, una librería para Python nativo que implementa la API de Processing. Promete, pero aún está un poco verde.

Still a long road ahead, but here is libkrun booting a lightweight Linux VM on macOS Aarch64 (Apple Silicon M1).

Intel Urged to Take 'Immediate Action' Amid Threats From Apple Silicon and AMD. By Hartley Charlton | MacRumors

I've been writing a simple and dirty VMM in Rust for Hypervisor.framwork on Aarch64 (Apple Silicon M1), based on @_alexgraf QEMU patches and some Firecracker crates. Got it to start booting Linux with some output via earlycon.

GTK 4.0 is here! After four years of hard work from our dedicated developers, GTK 4.0 was released today. Some highlights from this release include media playback, drag-and-drop, and scalable lists and grids. Learn more about what's new in GTK 4.0:

#GTK #opensource #FOSS #release

NY Times on Best Android Tablet: «Most people shouldn’t buy an Android tablet. Even if you already use an Android smartphone, Apple’s iPad offers a better combination of hardware, software, and accessories, better build quality, a smoother and more-responsive UI, better long-term OS support, larger available internal storage, far better cameras, and many more tablet-optimized apps». 😕

Hello advanced Inkscape users!

We're seeking some patient Spanish-English-speaking folks to help with support in our forum with answers to simple first-time questions through to full-grown bugs.


Join the forum here:

A Heavily Commented Linux Kernel Source Code (KernelVersion 0.12), by Zhao Jiong Looks very interesting 👌

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