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The output amplitude depends on the infected population percentage. Here you see the visualization of "Second wave":

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Official versions of are online now. A virus that spreads within a population of 233 sounds objects decides which one sounds and when.

This is a good game... I suppose that if it were in Spanish I would use it with my students in elementary school here in Buenos Aires.

The software to spread a virus in the sounds population of is ready. Soon, COVID-19 curve will have its own musical representation.

The firsts versions of will be premiered in event in Buenos Aires. But they won't be the last ones. Send your sounds!

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There is no need of any musical training. The rules of the game are online and the game records your sound sample in the browser.
You have to choose a sound and apply the to it during a visual animation.

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I have been working a lot on , an stochastic musical game. The site is online know to collect sounds samples to build a "sounds population" that will suffer an epidemic outbreak.

(b) Most of the perceived "value" is due to the lockdown we're in. The moment there is any relief, this perceived value will disappear over physical learning spaces. It is simply not scalable, nor desirable to have parents be tutors at home. Saying this as a homeschooling parent.

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I'm as pro-"edtech" as someone can be, but remote learning for young kids is a mistake.

(a) If it seems to be effective, it's only because someone in the home is playing the role of a tutor. The benefits are primarily due to the one-on-one attention, not the edtech part.

Hi everyone,
Any recomendations to use my phone with as webcam?

I don't know exactly why... But I can record sound in android browser without any problems.

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Hi everyone,
For (a stochastic musical game) I need to record the players during a simulation. I use ... But I can't get audio input in android despite a running p5.audioIn.
Any ideas? I think is something related with android audio device priorities...

I am working in a stochastic musical piece which is a game at the same time. It takes elements of the actual pandemic and . I think I managed to make a good logo for it: .

This weekend has a series of four circular motif abstract pieces. The first based on 90 degree angles. Matte gel ink on gloss paper.

I have been working a lot in a computational model to simulate epidemics and the effects different populations responses.
Now I started working in its documentation for those curious like me who want to think about the pandemic.
I will write some short post about the process too:

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