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I am getting ready for tomorrow's prompt. I invite you to play this game to be part of a little homage to Piet Mondrian.

You can try to draw a several lines in the same canvas passing "?clean=false"...

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Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Draw a point in the middle.
Roll two dice. The one closest to the sheet decides the direction, the other the length of the line.
Repeat until you get off the sheet.

I've always wanted to do a little fan art for Tetris, and there's no better time than during GDQ!

Game (Study 20210106)

🖼 Prints:

👼 Patreon:

I think finally in 2021 I am going to learn to play chess (seriously). So I started reading the Bobby Fischer's book... What a way to describe how to move the knights!

Birch trees. Fine black gel pen on gloss paper. So crisp.

These days I am working on an implementation of strange attractors with python... I remembered that sometimes oil and water in a bowl forms a dynamical system.

"analog Not analog" is now in a public repository.

aNa is a live coding system for visuals, based on #Clojure and #openFrameworks. Mixing generative code fragments with inputs channels in real-time.

It’s open source. You can test it on a virtual or physical PC.
I am developing aNa for my graphical live coding experiments. What i published yet is a reduced but more stable subset of aNa. Documentation and code samples are included.

Please boost.

#livecoding #generative

Sunset over calm ocean. Red, blue and black ballpoint pen. In my shop.

While I was working on I noticed how difficult is that an asteroid stay orbiting a star. I think in a little game to explore the situation:

Stop doing what you are doing... You need to play a game inside a game inside a game...

I will be part of a math education workshop from Buenos Aires next week. With we are working to change the way we learn math. I have recently finished a "Rock, Paper & Scissors" adaptation we will use to introduce notions in our classes.
Have fun!

I am working on a live coding system for visuals. The display server is based on openFrameworks using graphics acceleration. For live editing Clojure used. The server can mix generative code fragments with different inputs channels: a WEB cam, a microphone, movie files, image sequences, a joystick or Open Sound Control messages.

Some experimental videos can be found here.

For a Lisp sample see

The output amplitude depends on the infected population percentage. Here you see the visualization of "Second wave":

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