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My mail client used to be @k9mail in my first smartphone (Xperia X8 with Cyanogen Mod).
I installed the app in now in my new .
When I first opened the app a message alert it is not made for . But It works so fine...
I think will be my e-mail client again.

Now I oficialy started the *algorithmic Me* blog... I will try to write content in english. I have never done it... yet.
This is about how *Image Magick* helps me as a photographer:

My new challenge for this week...
My first attempt to install Arch Linux on a Pendrive...

I had never had to revert a commit in a git repository until today. I could solved a massive mistake by a friend just creating a new branch from a past commit.
If you learn how to use git you have superpowers.

I am working on *algorithmic Me*, the site in which I will share the part of my life related to coding.
I finished the *about me* page which perhaps is good continuation for my introduction here.

I have been here in only 24 hours and I already discovered and (probably my next linux os).

My first smartphone was an Xperia X8 in which I installed Cyanogen Mode. After using iOS for years, now I enjoy a Moto G7 with Lineage OS.
I always kept some distance from Google or Facebook. My landing in is another step in taking care of my virtual identity.


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