Nos you can check a live result. If you want to see I to the future pass ?day=n parameter (where n is days since 2022-01-22).

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Each day, one of the 365 curves change its diameter. In 365 days this wil look completely different.

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: Make something that will look completely different in a year. This is not a circle. These are 365 curves one after the other.

I combined Day 1 and Day 19 works today for . I am happy with the result...

First character in the center. In each step divide the image and evaluate the mean color. If the mean is above a threshold draw the next character.

: 3 colors.
First there are 3 colors which them try to resemble.

I think this prompt was there for me. I really play with overflow and motion in color space all .

I imagined a heavy pendulum full of sand with a hole in a windy day...

: Something you’d never make. I repeat a gravity idea from 2021. Something I'd never do.

Of course, if you ask the computer to make 64 hexagrams it doesn't find all of them...

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John Cage consider two different types of broken and solid lines. I take it into account with colors...

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