I agree with @zanko on this. We have to be more careful and learn more about how our data spreads. But, we are here in @fosstodon and understand about this problem (we are not afraid of technical terms and such things). We need people near us to learn about it too. One way is to do what @zanko did. Write a post which everyone can read.

Now I oficialy started the *algorithmic Me* blog... I will try to write content in english. I have never done it... yet.
This is about how *Image Magick* helps me as a photographer:

My new challenge for this week...
My first attempt to install Arch Linux on a Pendrive...

I had never had to revert a commit in a git repository until today. I could solved a massive mistake by a friend just creating a new branch from a past commit.
If you learn how to use git you have superpowers.

I understand @zanko. In one of my WordPress sites I achieve it adding the link to a social menu. But I can't in the other because the theme doesn't allow me to add the "rel=me" tag...

Im my case I added the link to mastodon in hte home site body, @zanko.

Hi @zanko, I am not @mike obviously. But in my case was verify instantly but I needed to save again the link in the profile configuration after adding the link on my web.

Yeah... I noticed that @paulopinto.
I booted Ubuntu live 2 days ago and I was shocked. It loaded super fast and seemed to work nice.
I only need to do my transition in a quiet week because I will need some time.

@paulopinto I didn't decide it yet. I have used Ubuntu a lot and I wanted to try Pop_os too. But perhaps is good time to read a bit about all distros available.

That good news @paulopinto, I have the mid 2012 model...
Once my usb 2tb hardrive abondoned me. Since then I have two copies of my data.
Thanks for the reply...

Hi @paulopinto, what macbook model is? I am thinking to install linux on mine but as is the only laptop I have, I need to be sure...
Well, not really, I only need to be sure to have an usb stick with macOS with me, just in case.

I am working on *algorithmic Me*, the site in which I will share the part of my life related to coding.
I finished the *about me* page which perhaps is good continuation for my introduction here.

I already add your rss feed on my reader @zanko. Interested in your future writing...

Hi @zanko, I am interested in infectius deseases today (who doesn't) and I have been working in a little model to simulate the effects of some social measures: github.com/rvalla/SETM
It was muy excuse to write code in python (I had never done it). It isn't a full time job, I bake my bread and take care of my 2 years old daugther too...

Thanks @LPS, I am already enjoying this federate network.

I have been here in only 24 hours and I already discovered and (probably my next linux os).

My first smartphone was an Xperia X8 in which I installed Cyanogen Mode. After using iOS for years, now I enjoy a Moto G7 with Lineage OS.
I always kept some distance from Google or Facebook. My landing in is another step in taking care of my virtual identity.


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