The output amplitude depends on the infected population percentage. Here you see the visualization of "Second wave":

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Official versions of are online now. A virus that spreads within a population of 233 sounds objects decides which one sounds and when.

The software to spread a virus in the sounds population of is ready. Soon, COVID-19 curve will have its own musical representation.

There is no need of any musical training. The rules of the game are online and the game records your sound sample in the browser.
You have to choose a sound and apply the to it during a visual animation.

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I have been working a lot on , an stochastic musical game. The site is online know to collect sounds samples to build a "sounds population" that will suffer an epidemic outbreak.

I am working in a stochastic musical piece which is a game at the same time. It takes elements of the actual pandemic and . I think I managed to make a good logo for it: .

My new challenge for this week...
My first attempt to install Arch Linux on a Pendrive...


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