I think finally in 2021 I am going to learn to play chess (seriously). So I started reading the Bobby Fischer's book... What a way to describe how to move the knights!

@rvalla is this the 60 Memorable Games book? What do you think of it so far?

Hi @danny, it is not. I really need to restart from the basics. Is "Bobby Fischer teaches chess". It looks very promising...

@rvalla quite an interesting take. Thanks for sharing this!

@rvalla The best site for chess players is you have a lot of tools to learn, play and compete.

Thanks @blkpws! I have been using with by muy self a lot. But I'll try with this site...

@blkpws I am learning a lot from Another magick platform from .

@rvalla Yes I am in love with Lichess so many useful tools and smart engines.

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