is improving a lot my learning process. This chart of my puzzle performance of the last 30 days explain a lot about my games.

I am still a bad player but I learnt a lot with . After more than 100 matches I can say I am playing better than ever. And I can look for my mistakes!

In early 2021 I am my most serious version of a player. After reading books and learning a lot with resources today I could won against AI (the easy one).

My grid of permutations of something is about the 3! possible orders to make of depth 3...

I am late... But while working with attractors I decided to paint 500 lines between successive points...

If you have 3 known strange attractors and build with them you have 3! possible orders. Sometimes the result is visually poor...

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A point in a strange attractor depends on some previous point. The points of steps depends on some previous attractor.
I am having a lot of fun with .

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Today is about the color pallete. I am working in my personal implementation to draw strange attractors and... too.

"Draw a line. Wrong answers only". The jan.22 prompt. Ok. I shuffled a message and built lines of texts. But the lines are from the photographs bellow.

The prompt for today is using an API. I use stock market data from ... We are in early 2021 so I used data from PFE, BNTX, MRNA and AZN.

The models were a set of broken sequins from a fabric. I edited the raw files with the fantastic @RawTherapee
painting a bit with its color toning algorithms.

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A pine tree can be drawn with a random fall followed by a random walk. A for

A set of "Mondrian's strips" merge in a little tribute. A lot of rectangles and their interference. Here is the first work...

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